The Reflections of 2010

It is common too pause and reflect upon the year that has just past and too create plans and goals for the upcoming year. I will take this entry to reflect upon our project – past, present and future as the blog site was created specifically to highlight our progress on this project and provide a record of our activities.
There are several catch all phrases that are common to the blog site entries and to our lives – cliiche but accurate. Ron’s favorite is “Rome wasn’t built in a day” which reminds us to have patience and recognzie that we can only do so much at any given time. This is certainly true when we balance the project to our professional lives, our social circle, family obligations and the dailies of living like groceries and vacuming. His saying helps remind us that we have to look at the big picture of the project and not fixate on the tiny litle details of the project. We also like to use Mike Holmes’s “make it right” saying to reflect on the fact that we only want to do this once and we don’t want to correct issues later on. It’s much better to take our time and make sure all the details are correct than hurry and end up with a product or a finish that we aren’t happy with.
In reviewing the blog entries I can see that there are actually loads of pictures and way more entries and comments than I realized. In the 3 years that we have been doing the blog site there have been 54 entires (including this one) and 208 comments. I realize that in the daily blogger world this doesn’t come close too impressive but with the original goal in mind I believe we have achieved that of keeping everyone up to date with our project and recording our activites. I would like to increase the frequency because then each entry wouldn’t be so darn long but I find that between the text content and editing the pictures for size adn then uploading them I usually spend 3 hours minimium per entry. That doesn’t even speak to the issue of it not saving and or the photos that just won’t upload the correct direction – those items have cost me many many hours. It would be interesting to know if other bloggers reformat their pictures – if I don’t they take so long to upload. It’s been an educational experience learning to blog. My next challenge is to learn how to track the hits that the blog site gets.
Hm – where to go from here in the review. Project or plans and goals for it. Of course project wins out but I’d like to report that it is now a home and not so much a project. We now have minor and major projects to undertake in our home and we have to balance those with daily living. Hence the fact that the basement still looks like a construction zone/storage space. Alyssa’s room and the bathroom are basically fnished but the rest of it drives my compulsive neatness disorder a bit crazy (or a lot crazy depending on the week).
The basement is on my winter project list but I’m not sure that we will make any huge changes down there. The tin ceiling is sitting at Saskatoon Custom Powder Coating waiting for empty slots to be fit into the cleaning process – their new heat treatment machine. The t-bar for it could be painted and installed but first Ron has some work to do on the beams first. The walls still need the final coat of paint – man that stairwell is a big job. It hasn’t been that long that I have forgotten how much fun it was getting to all those tall walls. We haven’t sourced or even discussed lighting down there and that would have to be organized before the ceiling.
Ron removed some of the building supplies out to the garage but we still have a fair amount of wood in the basement. In one pile are the four screen doors. I took the winter inserts in and had the glass installed in December. I have a carpenter coming in January to install the doors (at least the 2 ground floor ones) so Ron and I need to source the hardware for that. Replacing the windows has made a huge difference to the drafts in the house and I would suspect that our heating bill should decrease quite significantly this winter and will continue to improve with the addition of the doors. Another project for Ron this winter will be to custom mill those 93 window trim pieces. I will continue to work on that darn door plus I can stain/paint the new screen doors so I will actually have a fun project interjected with a project that is starting to haunt me. Then early spring I will need to get back at staining and varnishing the windows – a project for a warm enough day when the mud is still on the ground but the windows can be opened. Ok – it’s more than a one day project – probably take several days.
In the spring we will commence another huge project and one that will bring the heating bills right down next winter. FINALLY we get to remove the 1980`s vinyl siding, the 1918 cedar siding, the shiplap and then insulate. We will then replace the shiplap and put on the new cedar siding. I say finally because it is the first project that I wanted to do as it is so ugly! This project is rather intense and I suspect will take most of the season to accomplish. It will involve a long term rental of scaffolding and some hopes for good weather. Plus it will be at least one trip to the dump with all that vinyl if not two. I will prime all of the wood before it goes up so just final coat once intact but all the window trim will need to be scrapped, sanded, repaired, primed and painted. The lovely thing is that the days will be long and it is outside work but I do think we might need to focus some of our holidays around it.
So in the big scheme of plans the next project would be the three retaining walls to form up and stone in. Then it is onward ho to the verndah and balcony but I am relastic enough that I realize that will be a 2012 project. Once all of that is done then Peter can come in and do the patio which will be so nice. The firepit will be rebuilt as an outdoor fireplace and the hot tub can be purchased and installed. A little bit of landscaping here and there and voila – the project is complete. We bought the house in the summer of 2006 and the land in the fall of the same year. The real work commenced in 2007. In 4 years we have the interior of the house at about a 75% completion rate, the garage at 40% and the landscaping at about 25%. The goal is to have most of the work completed by 2016 which means that after 10 years of working our butts off we can sit and enjoy the view. I’d love to think we could be complete by 2013 but i have to take into consideration all the unstated things that need to be done like work, groceries, fitness and occasionally some down time.
I haven’t discussed yet the blue moon project! I’m very happy to report that the garage has a small door complete with locks as well as two large doors complete with garage door openers. The primed siding is on the north and south walls – finished on the last night day of fall in November. The soffit has been temporarily sealed up with Typar to keep the snow and wind from howling through and will remain that way until spring. We had to find 1″ x 3″ tongue and groove pine for the soffit and that was many phone calls and then one lucky conversation at soccer. So special thanks to Dan P for sourcing, pricing, ordering and delivering the wood – all on his account. But honest we will pay up! The garage also has its electrical panel completed (it’s always a crappy day when Blaine from Sommerfeld Electrical shows up at our house and this was no exception!) so we have doors and lights that work without the extension cord from the house. I doubt that we will get much else done on the garage this winter – maybe a bit more electrical. So it’s a nice home to Cleo and Tony but no mice. It will be many a year before the loft is finished off and ready to use but in the meantime it’s a great storage space.
So this entry brings 2010 to a close and with it we send our best to you for 2011. If you would like to come for a tour be sure to give us a call – company is always a welcome diversion from working on a project and as I’ve said before there aren’t that many people that we put to work. If you would like to leave a comment on the blog site it’s simple and easy – always interesting to find out who’s been reading it. Sorry about the lack of pictures this time but the computer is down so no access to the picture files. Which means no access to email either so I have no idea whether anyone will see this entry without my sending around notification that I updated the site. I guess only time and comments will tell.
Bernie and Ron

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4 Responses to The Reflections of 2010

  1. Patti Erikson-Reynolds says:

    Ha! Found it! Best Wishes for a productive 2011, Bernie and Ron! – The Reynolds family


  2. Thelma says:

    Hi love you MOM
    (isn’t that sweet – my mom left me a comment!!)


  3. Anonymous says:

    Great entry and update about 2010 and for 2011. Always good to hear when so far away. Reading this in 26-28 degree weather in Mexico and know what you are dealing with in Sask. Looking forward to future blogs and possible trip back in 2011.
    Gary Cruikshank


  4. Rita Jo Hoffman says:

    It was great spending time with your family. Spencer, “Thank you” for the meal prepartions – it as all great! “Thanks” Ron for the great Bar-B-Q. Bernie “thanks for the wonderful historical and informative tour”. You do indeed know the home you have choosen to live in.


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