What A Day

I don’t usually do entries for a single day but today was such an exceptional November day that I just felt compelled to put into the written word what transpired. It wasn’t anything spectacular and it wasn’t like any part of the project reached completion today. It was just a stupendously beautiful fall day in November and we did all these little projects.
We awoke late to the sun blazing in the windows – preceded by a long and eventful day yesterday – hence the sleeping in. Ron cooked our usual weekend breakfast while I took the dogs for a walk – in my pajamas and my birkenstocks. No socks and no jacket! There was no wind and a wonderful warmth from the sun that one doesn’t usually feel in Saskathewan in November. The breakfast was quietly enjoyed while sitting in the sun – also enjoying the sun was the succulent bowls which look like they are surviving the early part of dormency quite well.
We then moved onward to some individual project time. I cleaned the farm truck – definitely not an exciting project but one that needed to occur. Ron spent several hours cutting all of the siding for the south garage wall. While this was going on the dogs and the kitties had some “supervised” interactions. Which basically means that I stopped and played with Cleo and Tony while making Breeze and Lucky settle down and respect their space.
Following that I took the dogs and we went a few miles south to the Priddy farm to pick up four straw bales that I had procurred – a warm winter house for the kitties. I had a very nice visit with Elsie and Don while the dogs basked in the sunlight and waited patiently. Once I got the bales home Ron proceeded to make his kitties their winter home.
snug as a bug in a rug.jpg
Snug as a bug in a rug. Now we just have to figure out how to keep their water warm and the dogs from tormenting them.
I also did some “yardwork” which doesn’t have the same connotation out here that it does in the city. This basically means that I took the rake and pulled up piles and piles and piles (there is no exaggeration here)of dried weeds between the garage, house and walk out areas. I then pulled them down to the fire pit so that we could dispose of them. This will make walking in the area a lot safer and the bonus was that I found the lost house key. As an aside that means we are down to just missing the spare Suburban key and the spare SUV key!
We carried all of the siding down to the walk out area near the fire pit and in the sun (did I mention how incredibly warm and sunny it was!!) so that I could prime all of the boards. Again this is a hard concept to imagine but I painted for several hours outside in the sunshine in November. It was a multi tasking project though as Ron started a fire and after I carried each load of boards inside the house to dry I picked up more wood or weeds to put on the fire. It hadn’t been an outstanding year for fires and the wood pile looked out of control (in reality it still does but we got rid of one edge of it!).
shirt sleeve painting in nov.jpg
Without the picture I’m not sure even I would believe that you could paint in your shirt sleeves in November!
Ron in the meantime did some prep work for the garage doors arrival. This will be an exciting day to get the building weather proofed especially seems we want to keep Cleo and Tony warm during the winter.
We had visitors but not our usual house tour kind. These were children seeking to play with kitties and chase dogs! After an introduction to all four creatures the children ran and played while Lorey and I chatted. She comes from “good stock” and thinks that working and visiting can occur at the same time. So I kept on painting and tending the fire while the children and the dogs had a great time!
playing with the dogs.jpg
Chase the bone seems to have been the name of this game and around the house and the hills they all went. The Barsi children even took small souvenior bones home with them which means they have a very tolerant mother!
barsi children with cats.jpg
Walker is holding Cleo who likes to cuddle – Arieanna has Toni who’s claim to fame is curosity not cuddling so that ended sooner than one little girl would have liked..
fall yard work aka fire time.jpg
As you can see I did not exaggerate about the amount of weeds that we had to burn. This picture was taken after the fire had already burned for over an hour.
After we finished up the weed/fire work we then sat and had a beer. The day was definitely cooling off but Ron barbequed for supper and we enjoyed some quality quiet time outside waiting for the food to cook. While we were relaxing I decided to do a single day blog entry – so off to the computer I went after supper. I sat down and typed away – it was all fresh in my mind and the pictures uploaded easily. I did the spell check and then proceeded to hit save (for some strange reason I had only hit it once – maybe because it had been such an awesome day) and of course the whole thing bounced out and there was nothing there but the title and the first paragraph!
So this single day entry about a wonderful day in November seems rather bizarre a few days before Christmas when it is cold and blustery. BUT the computer has been sick and in ICU for almost a month so I decided to do this on a public computer – means I can’t add any other pictures but at least I will get it entered and it can be read. It’s certainly not the Christmas entry that I had wanted to do but I will close with sending wishes for the best of the season to all of you who read the blog (whomever you are!!).
Bernie and Ron

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6 Responses to What A Day

  1. Patti Erikson-Reynolds says:

    Great post Bernie. I remember that Nov. day. Had a ride on the horses. Happy New Year ! – Patti


  2. Cheryl says:

    So how do you snag a job that pays you twice a week! Not that I don’t think you’re worth it! Good work. I think the three rows are onions, beans & Kohlrabi – but I don’t need any fresh produce right now.


  3. Kim Hodson says:

    I’m just saying hi Bernie, to let you know I love reading the blog!


  4. kagould17 says:

    Always good when the weather is nice in late fall. Sure hope that happens this year. It is chilly for the next 10 days here. Allan

    Liked by 1 person

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