The Windows!!

Well at long last the windows arrived and we formed a plan of attack. This involved a ton of running the stairs, loads of lifting, some swearing and overall some good luck. The windows were late arriving and showed up in 3 separate loads but eventually they all got here. We lost the “spare” porch/dog space as that became the holding zone for the windows.
second load of windows.jpg
The second load of windows stock piled in the porch.
The first day we started on the main floor – the first 2 were the learning curves. We also chose main floor windows that day so we could stand on the ground or on a ladder and work thru the kinks of the job without extra stresses. Total = 5.
day 1 figuring it out.jpg
Ron and Spencer figuring out how the windows went together and therefore how to take them apart.
The second day we started at the top – yes the very top. We had a good weather forecast (one of the few nice weekends we have had so far this summer) and rented scaffolding. We did 2 attic windows and 2 bedroom windows. Then the scaffolding was broken down and put up on the next side. We then did 2 more attic windows and 2 more bedroom windows and the stair landing window. Total = 9.
front exterior scaffolding.jpg
This is the front view of the house. Once the exterior window was removed the easy way for Spencer to get down was to pop in the window and use the stairs!
The third day we started at the very very top of the scaffolding – built up from the walk out to the attic. Tied off on the second floor. We then did the 2 attic windows, 2 bathroom windows and a bedroom window. Then from a ladder we did the main floor bathroom and one of the little bay windows. Total = 7. The weather held!
walk out scaffolding work.jpg
This was a long climb to build and unbuild and very strenuous work for the men while I was busy doing the demo. We will have to do this all over again next year when we do the siding and insulation.
At this point in time we have the remaining windows on the main floor to do. Those 9 will finish the 31windows (if you are doing the math you will notice that 5 + 9 + 7 = 21 and 30 – 9 = 21 >> we did a main floor porch window last fall to complete the 31st) from the installation point of view.
attic windows before insulation.jpg
Look at the outstanding function of these windows. You can put the screens in from the inside and you can clean both top and bottom of the outside from the inside as well. Plus the view has improved radically just by looking thru clean windows.
The installation worked well with a three person crew. I started interior prep work by taking off the two interior window stops and removing the two interior windows along with the working mechanisms. I would clean up as much as possible so Ron could come along and spray insulation into the holes from the removed window mechanisms. Then Spencer came along and removed the exterior storm window – this was quite often a big challenge as they were chalked like crazy. Then Spencer chiseled out the exterior window stop (we tried the recip saw on the first two – difficult area to access and the saw dust in the house was unbelievable) so that the new window could be inserted from the interior. This was the heavy difficult part – then Ron would make sure that it was square, functional, level and plumb and put in the shims. Then it was screwed into place. After a few windows were done then Ron would go back and spray foam the installation around the windows both from the inside and the outside.
interior window out spray foam in.jpg
I don’t actually have a photo of the interior windows being removed (probably because for the most part I was the one doing it but I do have a picture of the prep work done and the insulation in that huge cavity.
mr safety removing exterior window.jpg
I have to laugh at this picture. Spencer always gives me the gears as he figures my sandals aren’t very safety conscious. Here he is on 30 feet in the air on the cell phone using the power drill to remove screws on the exterior windows!!
Spencer and chisel work.jpg
Here is Spencer hard at work chiseling out the exterior window stop. Darn shame it didn’t come out as easy as the interior one came out (mostly those ones pried out in 2 pieces – sometimes coming all in 1 piece easily).
Ron installing new window.jpg
Here is the carpenter hard at work installing the new window. I’m biased but he’s pretty handy to have around!
window after insulation.jpg
The window has now been spray foamed – the excess will be cut off. You can’t actually see where the original trim board goes but where the insulation is there is a bit of a gap and so Ron will have to mill 93 pieces to fit those spots!!!
The installation is/was the big hard messy work – lots of prep work, clean up at various stages and the heavy part plus the technical part of getting them square, plum and level. It is also the least time consuming part of the windows which does seem hard to believe. The windows are wood interior with the green metal cladding on the exterior. The interior needs to be stained, the filler trim board created (cut, installed & stained) and then the windows stop returned. Then it needs a coat of varnish, followed by a light sanding, followed by the final coat of varnish. So there remains much to be done but in the meantime we have windows that can be seen thru, open easily, keep out the flies and moths and cold weather so life is good!! I’ve even washed them all once just to keep them pristine and enjoy the view – unfortunately it keeps raining on them! Plus they don’t rattle!!!
Since I started the blog update and uploading and editing the pictures we’ve been back at it. One the weekend Spencer and Ron were back installing – I was at work. They got 5 more done so things are progressing along.
And at long last this blog entry is completed!!

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6 Responses to The Windows!!

  1. Gary Cruikshank says:

    Great job guys, makes my life look simple although probably golfing more than the boys. Still doing lots of projects at Haney that will continue to the end of the year but then should slow down. Keep up the good work and hope to see the house soon.


  2. Melanie Rempel says:

    Spray foam is awesome stuff! I think we should have bought shares in the company. We have been working up 3 sets of scaffolding ourselves but inside on a very flat floor. I have been told I will be painting up top, because most of my friends have a fear of heights. Oh well.


  3. cyndi cunanan says:

    So that’s what you were doing while I was lazing on the beach in Nice!
    Tell Ron that only is he a handy man to have around but he also has great legs!


  4. kagould17 says:

    Holy crap. The top of the scaffold is not for the faint of heart. But, way better than trying to do this from a ladder. Good job. Allan

    Liked by 1 person

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