Three Flowered Avens and An Ark

In reality I should have been able to update the blog site several times in the last few weeks because the rain has kept us inside and away from all the projects that we need to be focusing on. We have had the wettest spring/early summer ever on record – it could stop any blinking time. It has severely impacted farmers, construction sites and sports players/fans. I suspect overall it has not had a great effect on the economy but I digress. We have made some progress and as I wanted to update more often I’m back.
Ron spent some time downstairs working on the door frames and hanging the doors. The bathroom, furnace room and storage room are complete to that stage and join the door to the bedroom down there in just needing trim to be complete. I have now completed staining and varnishing all the pieces that are up. The bathroom door is also complete with the inside trim but not the outside trim.
This is the mechanical room door. Some of the doors in the basement are salvaged from the original basement.
While Ron was working on that I went back to work on the door that will eventually replace the back door. We purchased it at La Petit Maison last year and I have spent an afternoon here and there on it. I am now finished one side of it (rough finished – still needs final sanding) and starting on the other. IF I had done the second side first I would have thrown out the door. I have all the tools, the poly stripper (which is significantly better for this task than Circa 1850) and the patience but this door is worse than the last one I did. I am really looking forward to having a back door with a window so i will keep slugging away as time permits.
door sideways.jpg
A close up of the door – not looking its best. Someday there might be a before and after picture!!
When the weather has cooperated we’ve been outside starting on more projects than we can finish this year. Ron has put up the fascia boards on the garage and I have primed and painted them. That’s about as far as we have progressed with the garage although we had hoped to be closer (to what would be the question because completion seems decades away at this pace). The shingles and siding have been sort of ordered and are sort of waiting for delivery and that is sort of driving me a bit crazy. Nothing else can progress in there until the roof is done so the windows sit there being home to bloody barn swallows and the rain turns the floor into an indoor pool that the dogs like to play in. BUT – back to the story. The fascia needed a color and so we finalized house colors and they aren’t all like the samples that I showed a couple of entries ago. We went with the original cream/yellow in a bit stronger tone. Then the original green that the screens showed up as. The third original color was a chocolate brown and that is the direction I thought we were heading but turns out we headed to rich red. It is a heritage color but I am still a bit undecided about it so painted the back bench, the first trim board on the house and the porch window has been replaced so it has the green clad on it. Opinions welcome – not that I likely have a chance to making a change but it would be interesting to hear what others think.
The Navajo Red of the bench would be on the upper storey of the house and perhaps the front screen door. The Ginger Root Yellow would be the bulk of the building (all the new/old siding, the veranda) and the Forest Green would be the windows, window trim and corner trim pieces. I personally liked the Woodland Green better but it didn’t go as well with the window cladding color.
As an aside – my neighbor in the city, Maria, said I was always painting – well I truly will be painting for a long time to come. Probably a couple of summers to get this all done. Lovely quality paint except for the primer (weird stuff but supposedly really good quality). It’s a really good thing that I like painting.
So the title promised three flowered avens and an ark. Well the story there is that three flowered avens are pretty little purple flowers that are bearded and very petite. They obviously like rain but I don’t – so I never actually got a decent picture of them before they were past there prime. The story behind the ark is that we could have used one. The only water picture I have doesn’t actually show how much water we had. I never thought to take one when it was at the height but I can tell you that every time it rained more in May and June it took less time for the circle garden to flood over onto the road. The section between the garage and the side walk flooded a few times and we even had a bit of a wash out with the new sidewalk. The septic line and tank area sunk significantly – again I have a picture but you can’t actually appreciate the depth it sunk in the picture. We also lost a bit of one retaining wall – well I should rephrase that as we don’t have retaining walls. We have walk out walls of dirt that will someday be held up by retaining walls.
garden needing ark.jpg
Another wet soggy day in May or June – it felt like it was never going to end and I think today was one of the few June days where we didn’t end up with a thunderstorm.
So no arks and no three flowered avens (the roses are out as are the brown eyed Susan’s now) so maybe next time there will be flower pictures. No ark pictures though as we don’t really have time to build one of those as well but if you look hard you can see the canoe in the last picture.
Bernie and Ron
Ps It turns out that people I don’t even know actually read this blog and find the project interesting. I really am glad that people enjoy what is in essence a diary of our project (stay tuned for the book version!!)

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3 Responses to Three Flowered Avens and An Ark

  1. Les says:

    I look at your pictures & read some of the stories Bernie. You and your family have created a legacy.


  2. Melanie says:

    we have been totally been bombarded with rain as well, which turns into a mosquito haven out here in the bush. We bought a fogger so that our poor siding guys weren’t getting eaten alive .
    Now we have declared war on the mice family residing in our house.
    I really like the red, that was actually a color on our short list too. Anyways looking good!


  3. lynette says:

    I love the yellow with the red. The yellow reminds me of the dominating color of the buildings in Austria. The green is just ok. And of course this is just my opinion!!


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