Buffalo Beans and Assorted Tales

Wow – somehow updating regularly doesn’t seem to be happening but at least it hasn’t been 4 months. I do have a few things that I can share at this time so decided that putting the blog on my long weekend list was at least a realistic goal. I have now taken some photos to go along with the text so we shall see how the evening progresses.
We are back at the garage (see below photo) but my projection at this moment is 6 blue moons before we are somewhere near complete. First on the list is to get it shingled so then windows and doors can go on/in. Our “inside” line on a shingler for the garage seems to have fallen thru – the one professional company that does cedar shingles (yes shingles not shakes) is a wait period of a month for an estimate!! Then who knows how long it be for the actual work to be done!! The one task we decide to hire a professional for and it is a crazy wait – strange thing is that the construction industry apparently has hit a bit of a recession wall here but I guess specialist aren’t on that list. So we wait. In the meantime Ron has ordered the shingles and the siding directly from B.C. – better quality and a decent price. The wood on order will also cover the walk out walls, the house and the garage so it will be a pretty full semi load when it gets here.
garage trim commences.jpg
You can see the trim board primed white – more about color choices later. You can also see the bedding plants enjoying some sun and the motorcycle ready to roll.
The other speciality item on order is the screen doors. We looked at every available type here in the city last year and never found anything that does justice to the house so.. – we ordered from a company in Ontario that makes the doors to order. They come with both the screen and a glass insert for winter. They come ready to paint or to stain and are made of the wood of your choice. That is one of the reasons that we have been picking out paint colors but there is a bit of a wait on this item as they custom make them for you and it is about a 12 week period – good thing we aren’t having spring or summer here and want ventilation!
blog screen door.jpg
This is Ron’s sketch of the screen door based on the following picture.
blog verandah 1958.jpg
The late 1950’s picture of the house with Mrs. Nielson, unknown woman and the deer in front of the house. This picture also shows the veranda which we will eventually put back.
Oh yes the title refers to buffalo beans and assorted tales. The crocuses fought valiantly against a wet cold spring and did show brilliantly on many days but alas never last long enough. So the next flower up is the buffalo bean and they are quite outstanding this year. It is probably because we have had so darn much moisture.
buffalo beans in sunset.jpg
I was having some serious camera issues today (turns out that the lens was not connected correctly to the camera) so my daylight pictures of the buffalo bean flowers didn’t turn out. Ron took several tonight on our evening walk and this one turned out really cool.
Another tale is that we have neighbors – they are the four legged kind but they will do well to keep the weeds in check on the quarter of land west of us. They belong to a farmer down in the Outlook area – his pasture land is very dry so he was looking for some fresh grazing grounds. So some new posts, a new top string of barb wire and we have 30 cows, 25 calves and a bull to entertain our dogs with. Breeze is pretty laid back about them but Lucky wants them to play. They, of course, thinks he wants to chase them but interestingly enough they do keep coming back to this corner of the quarter.
cattle grazing.jpg
The herd being “allowed” to peacefully graze.
A couple of weekends ago while I was at work Ron tilled up the garden area. He has done it a total of 5 times now and picked stones each time. So today, despite the wet conditions, we planted 60 hills of potatoes around the outside – they will be our wind break for this year. We also did a lot of walking and discussing shelter belts, orchards, ornamental gardens and PFRA tree requests. One decision always leads to another question and of course leads to tons of work that may take a year or two to accomplish. Oh yes – patience is a virtue as Rome wasn’t built in a day.
spud hills may long.jpg
We did plant our first two trees today. We were given two white spruce trees that originally came from Spruce Meadows as tiny little tree seedlings. They have outgrown the yard that they were residing in and Aggie thought that they would do well out here with all this space. We also bought our first two trees for our ornamental garden area in the middle of the driveway. They didn’t get planted though as we need some more topsoil to build that area up and have some other elements to pull together.
spruce meadows spruce trees.jpg
Not a great picture but here are the two spruce meadows spruce trees.
Well I touched on the buffalo beans and some other tales. I will leave a few tidbits so that I still have new items for the next update – which will hopefully be in two weeks rather than a month! Still it’s been a good blog night – nothing lost – although it has taken a couple of hours. that’s enough for tonight though – I saw the sun come up this am at 0500 (those who know me well also know I went back to sleep) and then saw it set tonight at 9:45. It’s been a long day in between and tomorrow I might have some sore muscles but today I enjoyed every minute of sunshine and most of the work!
rons awesome sunset.jpg
Ron’s awesome sun set picture on one of the ponds.

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1 Response to Buffalo Beans and Assorted Tales

  1. Anonymous says:

    Is that 1950’s picture actually of your house? If so that is cool!
    We were standing in our kitchen when I stepped in some sap, I didn’t think wood still oozed sap after it was dried? who knew?


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