The Spring Crocus Fling

Well it hasn’t been four months so updating the blog that quickly will make all of you think something is wrong with me! But that’s not the case – I have just decided to try and update a little more frequently so the updates aren’t so long and there aren’t so many pictures to add. I’ve also been inspired to update more often because I am following a quilters blog and thoroughly enjoying her frequent updates full of pictures and inspiring ideas.
Since the beginning of April we have managed to get a few little projects done so thought I would show you what we had accomplished.
Ron received a phone call that sent Spencer and I off to do some careful salvage/demolition work. An old house was being demolished and there was crown mouldings, baseboards and possibly some doors for salvage. The amount of paint glued numerous trim pieces to the wall and some of the wood was so brittle that it was difficult to salvage – this always seems to be the issue with baseboards. We did manage to get 2 double wide pieces of crown moulding which we felt would fit the walk out door and closet door in the downstairs room. We also got 3 doors for the loft of the garage and some tongue and groove porch closet doors that will surely become something one day. There was also a fair amount of door mouldings as well as door frames to go with the doors. All in all it was a good couple of hours despite the snowy windy day.
skc salvage.jpg
The porch closet doors – I would have taken the tongue and groove porch ceiling, walls and floor but figured Spencer and I didn’t have 4 days to pull that all apart nor did we have a saws-all to help with the task.
salvage pile.jpg
The pile doesn’t look very big but there are definitely some good pieces in there. Turns out though that only one of the double crown mouldings was long enough.
A couple of years ago Deana and I went up to the Hosegood farm near Borden and did some salvage. We have used many of the crown mouldings and much of the trim. We also salvaged the upstairs railing newel post and, banister and posts. They have sat outside for the last 2 years until last weekend when I decided that I should clean up that spot. So off the “cleaners” they went!
borden salvage railing.jpg
This is the pile as they have sat up against the future retaining wall on the walk out side. Well weathered one could say.
better crop of sanded posts for railing.jpg
Here is a close up of the sanding process working its magic. Eventually these will become part of the railing for the bottom portion of the basement stairs. We still need to find a salvage full length rail so keep your eyes peeled for one of those!
Over a year ago we bought a “new” old door to replace the back door – it has been on my list of things to do for quite some time. I started in one day last summer and then moved on to other projects so the “before” picture that you see has last years work done. I have now pulled it back out and put it into the pile of things to get accomplished. So last Sunday when summer was here I worked on it outside for several hours intermittently with other projects (in hopes of keeping all muscle groups happy!).
old new back door.jpg
As you can see it has a very unique design with the double windows and the arch curve.
door in progress.jpg
First coat of paint purple, second green, third grey, fourth white! All so much fun to take off. The purple is only going to come off with sanding. I almost wonder if it is like a linseed finish and not paint as the stripper doesn’t touch it at all.
Ron is getting the ball rolling on shingles and siding for the garage. We will also put the siding on the walk out wall so that means that we get to pick colors. I have been at a couple of stores doing research into what product is best to use on cedar. I love outside painting because it means sunshine and summer but I want the paint to last for a long time because it’s easy to do the painting on saw horses and not so much fun to have to redo it on a 2 1/2 storey house in a few years. I’d love to side the house this year but I guess that will depend on how well the window process goes as well as work on the garage. Insert sigh that we don’t have endless scads of money and professionals in our pocket waiting to do the work!!
outside color palette.jpg
This shows the narrowed down choices of paint/stain colors. The new windows have the forest green flashing and we will do the window trim boards in green as well. The upper half of the house is “shingle” siding which is brown and the rest is plank siding in a warm strong ivory tone.
With spring/summer here some days it will be nice to have functioning windows and screen doors. There was very little air flow last year as so many windows have only screens and the doors have no screen options. I’m not fond of birds in the house so the doors stay closed. Last year we searched locally for screen doors but found nothing that we felt fit the house. Driving in the old sections of Saskatoon makes you realize that there mustn’t be much out there as no one really has a screen door that “fits” the period. I went internet searching one night and found a company in Stafford Ontario that hand makes quality screen doors with glass inserts for winter.
screen door with insert.jpg
The picture quality is slightly blurry but this is from the website of the Hoffmeyer’s Mill. They can do anything you are willing to pay for in any wood you chose.
second attempt screen door sketch.jpg
Ron’s sketch of the screen doors (x4) that he worked up for Hoffmeyer’s to build from.
verandah 1958.jpg
Our design idea came from the single picture we have of the front veranda. This is Herbie Neilson’s mom and an unknown woman in front of the house talking to a deer. The date on the side of the picture is 1958 – the year Ron was born.
So that’s what has been happening with the “project’ since the April 9th update. I’ve also been out admiring the crocuses that have fought valiantly against the blasted snow and windy cold that keeps hitting us. On the spring and summer like days they have been brilliant.
crocus and bee.jpgcrocus bouquet.jpg
My poetic side says “my soul has been kissed by a million crocuses and serenaded by thousands of frogs. The evening air rejuvenates the work weary bones.”
dogs in crocus patch.jpg
Breze and Lucky trapsing through the crocuses – happy that the weather has turned and we all go for long walks in the evening.
AS AN ASIDE – we are now in a prolonged “discussion” phase in regards to which type of wood and how to finish the inside and the outside of the screen doors. So at this point in time we haven’t ordered them but I am hoping that negotiations will end tonight.
A SECOND ASIDE – I’m amazed that I managed to get that scanned sketch into the right format to get it into the blog site!! Yea for me and a second plus is that nothing has crashed on me while I have been uploading and entering. I also tried something new with smaller pictures and I tried to get them all on the same line. If you would like to see any of these pictures in a slightly bigger format you just need to right click on it.

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3 Responses to The Spring Crocus Fling

  1. michelle says:

    Hi, I love the paint colors! and very cool screen door!


  2. Lesley Avant says:

    Thanks for the updates, Bernie. I know I don’t reply as often as I should but I am always happy to receive them and so very impressed with what you and the family are accomplishing. And the crocuses are lovely.
    Take care, Lesley


  3. Ruth Speiser says:

    I always look forward to your updates and marvel at the patience you and Ron have to get all this work done. But it looks GREAT. Forgot how beautiful crocuses are. We always had many of them in the pasture on the farm. Hope to get out for a visit this summer.


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