Once In A Blue Moon!

Once in a blue moon arrived on New Year’s Eve and as you can see from the picture it was quite beautiful. Ron is a little disappointed in the pictures as we could see the face of the moon so clearly in person and it didn’t really show up all that well. The intense blue sky and the sharpness of the moon were outstanding and I am glad that the photographer did capture that in a picture.
New Year’s Eve 2009 Blue Moon @ Eaton’s Eager Estate.
And who says we don’t stop and smell the roses? A great photo and then we sat on the couch and did nothing but watch the moon rise over the trees.
Once in a blue moon you start a project that is pretty big and might actually take you a couple of blue moons to complete. So if we do the math – blue moons occur about every 1.4 years. We poured the garage pad in the fall of 08 and started building walls in July of 09. The roof rafters are now complete and we are sitting at one complete blue moon cycle. The roof still needs to be sheeted & shingled. Then all the windows need to be installed along with the doors. Throw in some electrical, finishing of the workshop, insertion of some sort of heating system, completion of the loft area….. ok – I hope we are complete in only 2 blue moons for this project but it will take 3! In my list of things to do I forgot to mention insulation and siding which we will try to do this summer while we are doing the house siding and insulation.
In the last blog entry we were talking about waiting for the rafters to arrive. They finally did on a wet rainy cold windy day in September. Neither the weather nor the lumber improved – October was brutal and they sent a fair portion of the rafters as the wrong size/length. So we built what we could and then waited again for the correct ones to arrive. At least it was dry – nippy cold but dry once they finally arrived and so we started again and worked until the true cold arrived. Leaning into a ladder and trying to shield your face and fingers from the wind while hammering – not actually fun.
So now talk about the garage and it’s history and plans and on to some pictures of the rafter rising. It was a long slow process with some days a crew of one (Ron), two (Ron and I or Ron and Spencer) or three (Ron, Spencer and I). Thank heavens for a strong son willing to donate time – I found some of those rafters incredibly heavy and very awkward to hold.
RKC and garage beam.jpg
The beam in place – please no strong winds although we did have some (what a surprise out here on the wide open prairie!) and it held.
The hip rafters slowly going into the four corners. This was definitely a job for Spencer – they were heavy.
The four hip rafters in place as darkness nears. Every day from 5:00 till dark we did as much as we could.
Ron took some time off and built the ladders over the loft walls – from a safety aspect probably not the best plan to be on a roof with a dog for company!
cool view of rafters and house.jpg
The rafters in place over the stairs and workshop area. Kind of a neat view.
loft beam, rafters, wall.jpg
This shows the beam of the loft area onto the wall and the rafters attached. It was complex and often difficult to find space to actually do the work.
the final space.jpg
The last spot left for the rafters to go in place. Tight quarters, kinked necks and bad angles to hammer from.
garage roof view.jpg
Still more to build before we sheet as the loft walls need the adjoining mini roof (the engineer couldn’t provide any technical name for this). All the rafters also needed to be cut to length and then supported together. This view provides a picture of that and the completed roof rafters. A rather complex job that is almost complete.
Once in a blue moon we actually hire someone to do a job and it is amazing to see the results of 8 people who work all day long. We had talked with Peter Royer from Precision Paving (our friend with the bobcat) about doing the side walk in the summer and were on his work list. During the rainy cold season of September we walked over our pallet moat and thought about another winter of traversing the slippery path. BUT the weather cleared in early November and out his crew came. Three days and it was complete! The color isn’t exactly what I had envisioned from the pamphlet but the overall result is very nice and certainly a lot safer. It gives the whole yard a much more permanent look as well.
peter crew day 2.jpg
Day 2 and most of the work is complete. Just a few spots left to fussy cut and then to pack it.
sidewalk and dogs.jpg
Lucky, our new dog, and Breeze lounging on the completed sidewalk.
Once in a blue moon we have managed to get some work done on the basement – this mostly occurs when the temperature is too cold to go outside to work on the garage and our professional days don’t run into the evenings. Ron works away at door frames and trim and I work away at refinishing trim, door frames and doors. We found a 24″ x 80″ 5 panel door ($25) for the bathroom plus the cost of a replacement door at Habitat ($25) and Ron’s time to hang that door on the garage we found it on. I will spend at least 25 hours and $25 more dollars on stripping & sanding supplies.
as is door.jpg
As you can see it was a well painted door with many coats.
phase 1 side 1.jpg
This is side 1 after phase 1 – initial stripping done and before sanding. Side 2 is proving to be more of a challenge as it had more coats of paint.
Once in a blue moon we enjoy our walking trails up and down the ravine so that we all get some exercise and enjoy the scenery. Christmas Day was crisp, clear and the walk was needed so that vast amounts of eggnog and turkey could be consumed later in the day. Daily walks are also required to keep the pounds off and the dogs well exercised and content.
I convinced the photographer to take the camera and brave the cold hands as with the frost on every object it was bound to be a photo op day.
xmas day dog walk.jpg
Meet Lucky – our new 13 month old male Golden Retriever. He needed a new home and we needed his energy and enthusiasm for life. Breeze is very happy to be a part of a pack again. Lucky has adjusted well to our lifestyle but needs to learn that boots that smell like horse aren’t to be eaten!
Once in a blue moon I get the blog site updated! 15 pictures and only one episode of losing changes and it was a minor one. I do hope that all the pictures upload ok and that you enjoy looking at our ongoing project. Feel free to leave comments or come visit – we’ve had plenty of eggnog and goodies for those that showed up in December. The changes are we won’t put most of you to work. Those that do come to work usually do so happily and we are so thankful to everyone who has helped us out along the way.
Season’s Greetings. Hope that the holiday season was enjoyable and that 2010 will be a good year for all.
Bernie and Ron

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8 Responses to Once In A Blue Moon!

  1. Karin Closson says:

    Hi Guys,
    The place looks amazing. The garage is going to be nicer than my house. I am still wanting to come for a visit!! Friends bought some land fairly close to you, so if it is alright I would like to pass along the blog address.
    Take Care and we will talk to you soon,


  2. Marian Goodman says:

    You just keep going! I am impressed with all the work that has been done.


  3. Leslie Pugh Ogren says:

    Bernie and Ron,
    Your home is truly a work of art & an work of love. The detailed touches & the amount of work is really daunting. These photos are amazing & what a wonderful way to document your last few years. A piece of Saskatchewan history. Well done.
    Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year.


  4. Gordon Bacon says:

    Happy New Year. One day I will get out to see how it all looks in person. Love the two floor garage; I have one too here in Winnipeg.


  5. Patti Erikson-Reynolds says:

    Hi Bernie! Read your whole blog last night. What a great adventure! You and Ron have such great vision. Your home is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your experiences! – Patti Erikson-Reynolds


  6. michelle says:

    Hi Bernie, I found it and am enjoying it already. Beautiful frosty tree, and gorgeous paving stone path!!! bet you’re looking forward to landscaping too!Michelle


  7. kagould17 says:

    Always goo to pause and take stock during such a major project. You were right, the frosty shots are beautiful. Allan


    • bernieLynne says:

      Just reading that post made me tried! That garage was so complex and so much work! How one tends to forget these things which is why we did a blog so it was recorded.
      I still remember the walk, how cold it was and how amazing the frost was in person.


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