10 days since…

We are MOVED! There were some trials and tribulations and most certainly a lack of hours in our days but we managed it all. After the last blog update of April 17th we set to work. We moved phase 1 on Sunday the 19th. Many thanks to Williams Mobile Power Wash for the use of their big truck and a huge thank you to Spencer and his work mate Chris who worked like dogs all day. Thanks to Alan Buckley who also showed up to give us a hand. We got everything we wanted to accomplished that day – all non essentials that we had ready to go.
Phase 1 full load ready to roll
relax after phase 1.jpg
Relaxing for a few minutes after Phase 1
We then spent each evening from the 20th to the 22nd packing up more boxes and moving them out and then trying to accomplish at least one little task out here. Back to the city to pack more boxes, sort and organize and in between all that work! We had a list of priority projects that we went to work on.
clean coat hooks.jpg
Somewhere to hang our jackets became a priority project! Hence the cleaned salvage coat hooks.
We the left on the 22nd for a whirlwind trip to Maple Creek for a surprise visit with my young friend Peggi as she turned 50. A few hours after we arrived and with sawdust in our eyes we then drove to Moose Jaw were we spent the next 3 days at the horse show. Alyssa and her new mare Mia did very well for a first show – lots of new stuff for Mia to conquer and they did well.
AC and Mia with 1st ribbon MJSC.jpg
Alyssa and Mia with their first ribbon at the Moose Jaw Spring Classic.
I left as soon as Alyssa was finished riding so that I could meet Spencer and Jess to pack up the kitchen as phase 2 of the move was to occur on Monday (we had both taken the day off). Spencer had accomplished quite a bit while we were gone and had taken another Suburban load out for us. Jess and I go the kitchen pretty much demolished (man we ate out a lot over those 10 days!) and boxed up that evening. Bright and early our small moving crew set to work. Jess, Helen, Lorne and Doreen were the sum imports but they were mighty workers! We sold a fair bit of our furniture to the the buyers of Rossmo Road so that made life a bit easier and then quite a bit of stuff went to Spencer’s new place on May 1st so the big stuff didn’t really come with us. So the kitchen and bedroom and bathroom stuff got loaded up into 4 vehicles (thanks to Brian Vargo for the use of his half ton) and off we went.
phase 2 move.jpg
Phase 2 with the third vehicle getting a full load.
jess unloading kitchen.jpg
Helen, Jess and Doreen unpacked the kitchen as we hauled stuff in. We got the beds made and the bathrooms sorted out so that we could go to work in the morning clean!
Back to work the next day and then to Rossmo Road in the evening to further clean out and haul out the assorted stuff from storage rooms and the garage. We also spent a bit of time at the bank and at the lawyer’s getting all the papers organized and signed – a relief to have that all taken care of. By Thursday evening we had Internet and email here at the farm and a phone. We did not have a clean house in town though as we spent the evening moving Spencer into his apartment. So Friday after work to finish up more there (after I begged a co worker to cover my call) and then the final move of furniture on Saturday (the new owners had approved our couple of extra days so that was a relief as Spencer didn’t get possession until the Friday so could of been faced with moving it all twice!). Final cleaning of a few things out of the garage and then we did the floors and locked the doors.
last load.jpg
The last load of garage items “stuffed” onto the truck
empty rossmo road.jpg
Rossmo Road empty and ready for a new life with someone else.
There really wasn’t a lot of time to be emotional – too much to get done in too little time. Coming back here Sunday afternoon after work it was a relief to only own one place and not to be torn about what to do. What to do wasn’t rest though as there was still plenty to do. The weather certainly cooperated with our move and then the icing on the cake was that the crocuses came out the day we moved in so it seemed like a great omen. Cool showers, no tub and owl awakenings in the night seemed like minor incidents compared to morning sunrise, crocuses, frogs and evening sunsets. I have even managed to spend a bit of time in the attic working on little projects which has been so nice.
crocuses on moving day.jpg
The crocuses on moving day. Then it went cold and miserable again and they hid for a few more days.
sink bath.jpg
This is how one gets a crawling baby clean if the tub has leaking taps and leaking drain!
We did do a big clean on Saturday though as we hosted the indoor wind up for the Dodgers soccer team. Neither Ron nor I thought that I would last long with the parlor as a storage area and so that was the “reason” for the big push to get it cleaned up. At least it is now in organized chaos and not chaos. We spent quite some time looking for odd things like hair clippers and T4 slips (please don’t ask me where the clippers got put as I have forgotten again!). It was worth the big clean up as it was nice to host a party while living here. Much easier than transporting everything to and from.

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6 Responses to 10 days since…

  1. Georgina says:

    well at least you got my sock in the picture—thanks!!


  2. Lynette says:

    Looks like home!! Good for you! I can’t wait to find a free moment and come for a visit.


  3. Dale and Lois Dallas says:

    Congratulations on a job well done.Have been following your undertaking since you moved the house. We sold you some radiators,near Conquest.You have had a real labour of love, and it is finally done. Hope to call in sometime and see it for ourselves….


  4. nephew Rob says:

    It must feel awesome being in the house. It looks incredible. Already have stolen some ideas from your house for ours, only hope it doesn’t take me another ten years.


  5. kagould17 says:

    I am sure you were happy for the shorter commute to the work site. Allan

    Liked by 1 person

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