The city house finally sold. It wasn’t really a great deal for us but we are out!! As of May 1st in fact so in the next 12 days we have to pack it all, move it and sort/organize it out there!! YIKES. Sounds a bit daunting doesn’t it. But we’ll get it done. Oh did I mention that we are going to Moose Jaw for 3 days for a horse show!! Holy. Funny how we have known for so long that we are moving but we aren’t really “ready”.
The sign that we have been waiting for comes with some emotional strings. There are many “firsts” in this house for Ron and I as a couple and as parents and definitely for our children as it is the only home they have known. We are ready to move but there may be some other emotions that surface as well as excitement.
So today was a red letter day for us! It was also a red hat day for me as the Davidson Red Hat came for a house tour. It was a fun afternoon – we spent time on the tour discussing many things and then sat down in the dining room and there was some specific reminiscing about the house and previous occupants. But the house is ours now it was decided. I think they all approved of the changes and some of them are going to come back with family members for a tour again. Which is fine – people with old houses like to do tours. Or at least I do. Also in the crowd was Tara (only non red hat eligible person there at the young age of — oh I can’t tell that!!) who is the editor of the Davidson Leader -she wanted to do a follow up story and interview.
Then tonight I hosted my first attic craft party. It wasn’t a large crowd but a good time was had by all. Some scrap booked, some measured, some did hand sewing, some chatted, some gave advise and some went home early. Not to fear if you missed it – there will be many more to come but not until after we move!!
Ron and I have spent the week trying to get as much done in the basement as possible as well as tying up loose ends here and there. I got the painting done now that Joanne has done the drywall/plaster patching. Ron got the beam up in Alyssa’s room and today Helen hung the shower curtains in the main bathroom upstairs. Little things that alone don’t seeem like much but collectively make the percentages of what is done and not done increase a lot.

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20 Responses to SOLD

  1. Claire B (Saskatoon) says:

    Yippee, yay, yee haa and hooray!!
    The Red Hatters were a hoot with lots of great stories about the previous owners of the house – and thank goodness it didn’t get bulldozed!


  2. lynette says:

    Good for you Bernie and Ron. And I know how your next two weeks are going to be. We also moved quickly and added a family funeral, back to work and harvest starting to the mix so I have every confidence that you will servive!! After all we are young!


  3. Janice says:

    SOLD …. YEAH!


  4. Cyndi Cunanan says:

    Yay! We have a small truck and a large van, so let me know if you need help with the move.


  5. Cousin Helen says:

    That was one great attic party – not much got accomplished but then who cares!
    I am soooooooooooooo excited that the house is finally sold and life can continue in your ‘new to you’ home on the farm! Enjoy the fruits of all your labour!


  6. Peggi says:

    Congratulations!! More reason to celebrate. You always work better under pressure so what’s 12 days??


  7. Bob Cruikshank says:

    I just heard the good news that you sold your house. That is really great. It will be nice for you to be in your “new” home. Hope everything is going well there. We will hope that you have good weather there while you are having to move.
    Bob and Jud


  8. Lesley Avant says:

    This is probably the “prettiest” picture you’ve ever sent me! Congratulations.
    And yes, now that it comes down to it, the move will be bittersweet. But it won’t take long for you to feel like you’ve come home. Are you going to name the house or your acreage – it’s a very British thing to do but would seem worthy.


  9. Vicki Neufeldt says:

    Wow! Congratulations, Bernie! And I do understand the mixed emotions accompanying this move. I hope everything goes smoothly from now on. And this spring I HAVE to get out there to see the house. It looks magnificent — no two ways about it.
    Re the attic: the chairs are lovely, but I also love the tables. Very smooth and elegant looking. Did you have them custom made? If not, where did you find them? (Perhaps you explained that in another e-mail that I somehow overlooked…)
    All the best for the rest of the month!


  10. Sue Barrett says:

    Congratulations to you all!
    Sue and Peter


  11. Terry Kikcio says:

    I’ll bet that’s a load off your mind. Sorry, I didn’t see the email about moving until just now.
    See you soon,


  12. Debbie Cruikshank says:

    Congrats. That will take a load off!


  13. Gary adn Cheryl says:

    Hi Ron and Bernie,
    Congratulations on the sale of the house. This finally concludes another chapter of your lives and a positive one at that. Am in Calgary for the weekend and will have to look at our schedule when I get home but would love to come out and help you move. Things are hectic right now out at Haney with opening in the middle of May, newsletter to do , Agm in May, hiring of summer staff students, and 4 proposed construction projects if we can raise enough money. There mist have been a good reason why they talked me into working for one more year! Will phone after we get home. Gary and Cheryl


  14. P. R. says:

    congratulations Bernie and Ron,
    Looking forward to seeing you guys this summer.


  15. Ruth Halyk says:

    Congratulations on the sale! That must be a big relief to have that over with. I am sure you will have your emotional moments but many more 1sts will come in your new house along with all the love and laughter. Hope to see you on the pitch this summer.
    Take care Ruth Halyk,
    P.S. next time you are at the antique store pop your head in! I keep seeing you but miss you on your way out!


  16. Pam Rudolf says:

    Hi B,
    Congrats! I knew what it was when I saw the title! I’m quite sure that you will have ALOT less stress now. I’m really really happy for you.
    Love, Pam


  17. Margaret Hendry says:

    Congratulations. Get packing and enjoy your house. It is wonderful Margaret


  18. Christine Laverty says:

    Congratulations Bernie and Ron
    It is amazing to look through your blog and see everything that you guys have accomplished. Your patience with the selling of your house was incredible. But remember I said it just takes that one couple and the sold sign would appear. Spring is the best time for new beginnings, new life, sorry a little corny but that is how I feel. Christine


  19. kagould17 says:

    Yay. Always good when things work out. I hear you! We are attached to our homes for all the big events as well. I will never understand how some people can move on and say good riddance. Allan

    Liked by 1 person

    • bernieLynne says:

      I drive by there regularly and some days it’s still difficult, especially seems it has been let go so badly. We’ve now been here for a decade plus so reviewing this is so interesting so once again thanks!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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