No Sale, No Crocuses But…

Some news is indeed just no news. The city house continues to have tons of showings and a conditional offer but no real sale. The crocuses are avoiding coming up as it is too cold – spring might arrive during summer.
check out the pictures of the completed attic. It is now ready for family, friends, food and beverage. Along with your favorite craft activity or even just a good book. The sun light up there is wonderful. The furniture has filled up the echoes and it is ready for some people sounds.

my sewing table.jpg
My new sewing table – complete with adjustable chair and a fabulous view out the window!
honored guest sewing table.jpg
The honored guest sewing table and chair with a view of the lake (as Alyssa calls the large northern body of water). The picture shows it up a bit dark but really it is a delightful space that any of my sewing or scrap-booking friends may come and use.
my friends tables.jpg
This is the “work” area for many scrapbookers or sewers or for the laying out of a quilt or multiple pages of scrapbooking. You could also paint or draw from this space or even just sit and chat.
comfy chairs.jpg
I am pretty “stoked” about these chairs. Adjustable in four ways and to boot they complement the wall color so well. They beat the heck out of folding chairs (and the stolen captains bar chair I have been using for 25 years)and the price was really reasonable which is why I went crazy and bought the 6 that I envisioned. They would even be great for knitting, crocheting, reading a book or looking out the window from.
completed butcher block.jpg
The completed butcher block!! It is so incredibly smooth but has such an old patina to it. Feels just right. I am so proud of Spencer and his dedication to this project.
alyssa light fixture.jpg
We are continuing to work away in the basement and get it ready for occupancy. Alyssa found a light fixture that works well in the space and now needs two more to match it. Plus we have decided with a closet that big perhaps a wall sconce light in there would be a good idea.
potential ceiling panels.jpg
But before we can install her lights we need to do the ceiling. We received the ceiling vinyl sample and it looks good in the picture but it does look a bit “fake”. I have given it one coat of paint but it needs a second one. I think the verdict is still out on this one. We are looking at other options and yesterday I bought some Debbie Travis wall paper that looks like tin ceiling so we will see if that works to put on acoustic panels and then paint. This weekends project (one of many).
pantry and transom framing.jpg
The final project Ron has worked on in the two weeks since the last update is the frame for the pantry door and the transom window. We found the door (one person from the last blog update voted green) and purchased new wood. Ron has now created, sanded, stained and installed the new frame. He has repaired the door but needs to cut it down and then I will paint it. I guess the next thing I need to source is some glass for the transom window.
salvaged t bar.jpg
ceiling tiles.jpg
This is the result of last week’s project – salvage of ceiling tiles and t-bar. Took many hours and two full loads to the farm (looked like a lot more material in the truck than on the basement floor). This now needs to be painted, wall papered or whatever option we end up doing. Paint for sure on the t-bar but the wall paper trial patches are still drying and awaiting some “testing”.
So that’s our latest update except to say that we are hosting the Davidson Red Hat Society on April 17th which I think is going to be very interesting. I am hoping that maybe a few people will have more house stories to share. Maybe the crocuses and info about a house sale will be imminent when I post the pictures of their tour.
Comments and visits always welcome.

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12 Responses to No Sale, No Crocuses But…

  1. Rey says:

    Hey, girl it’s looking great!
    About the ceiling tile for Allie’s room..Try Home Depot, they have this tin that’s either copper or silver looking.. It feels like the real old stuff, but not sure on the cost..
    It’s something I’m looking for in my next house(when we move home to Saskatoon next year!)Might work, might not.. Can’t wait to see the house and see what it looks like for real 🙂
    Have a great day 🙂 🙂


  2. Colleen says:

    I’m so envious of your craft room. I’m not much of a crafter but visiting as other people enjoy their hobbies in such an incredible space would be heart warming. As you may have heard from Lynette, Lyle is in the hospital since last Sunday for heart problems. One of these days we will be up for a visit, hopefully we will both be well.


  3. Beverly says:

    Happy Easter!!
    Is this where the bunny hides his eggs?? …in the New house?
    It is looking so beautiful…warm and cozy.
    So if we want to do crafts in that room do we have to take them home with us or can we leave them? Or do you have stuff for us to work on and we can come and just have a fun work bee like in the “Olden Days”!!??… Lookin’ forward to seeing it …how are the roads this time of year?
    Thanks for the great updates Bernie!


  4. peggi says:

    Looking good. I am excited about the craft room. Now that we will be empty nesters, I theoretically will have time to do crafts again!!


  5. Lesley Avant says:

    That room looks so inviting! And I love those chairs too!
    Spencer did do a beautiful job on the butcher block. I got word from Claire that it used to be part of the KG Bowl floor. Perhaps I bowled on it!
    Hopefully with the sunshine and warmer weather people will be more in a house buying frame of mind and yours will suddenly be gone.
    Have a lovely Easter.


  6. Pam Rudolf says:

    Hi B,
    It looks absolutely great! I can hardly wait for my first quilting lesson! Have a good Easter.
    Keep your pecker up!
    Love, Pam


  7. Georginia says:

    where did you find the tables?? I thought you were going with Costco tables? I can hardly wait to come out and sit up there!


  8. A says:

    oh bernie, it’s GORGEOUS !!! I can already see you diligently showing me how to scrapbook … I’ll bring the wine!
    Happy Easter !!!


  9. Chrissy says:

    Wow Bernie it all looks so amazing! I love the butcher block Spencer did, good for him! I should definately come and check it out and bring Greta she would love to rip around and go exploring there! Next week is busy for me but the week after and the last week of April are good. What do you think?
    Oh and have a Great EASTER!!!!!!!
    Chrissy, Cam and Greta


  10. Wendy Dunn says:

    The house is looking good, you guys have done a really great job. hope I can can come up sometime and see it. Again good job. Its neat to see the progress you have made from beginning til now.


  11. kagould17 says:

    A good chair is worth its weight in gold. I have an ergonomic one at my desk downstairs and would not trade it. Great progress Bernie. Allan


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