Conditional Offer But No Move Date

Well at long last we have a conditional offer on our city house. This is better than a kick in the pants as the saying goes but isn’t exactly a moving date. So we are still in the city and working away on the “project”. We would really like it to become our home and not just a job site but patience is a virtue. Anyway I decided it was about time to update the blog as we have been making some progress.
We still have some major outside work to do this spring and summer but the inside is really coming along. Looking at the high 90% for completion on 3 levels of the house and the basement is moving along. We need to do a “walk thru” and get some focus on the next few projects. Ron decided that the stair risers really needed to be scrapped and sanded. It was extremely low on my priority list but he did it when I wasn’t there so now I have stained them and will get some varathane coats on them. They do look better but I”m not going to tell him that and seems he doesn’t read the blog site he will never know! I had other priorities for him like trim or shelving for the pantry.
So in rather random order here are some of the things we have been working on.
happy african violet.jpg
As a total aside – when we hired the stager for the city house she made us get rid of all the house plants except for the bamboo “thing”. The spider plant Helen was only too happy to throw out as she had been saying it looked bad for years. The African violet had to go apparently but we weren’t parting with it. Turns out it loves the new kitchen. We haven’t seen it this healthy in years!
laser level tool.jpg
This handy little tool made Janice and I obsolete! No more levels and measuring tape and fudging it. Just turn it on and level it around the room! Handy, just like my man!
laser level at work.jpg
The above noted handy tool at work in Alyssa’s room. It took a bit of learning but it did save a significant amount of time.
fancy painting alyssa room.jpg
No simple paint job requested here. Between the wallpaper and the triple color with double lines it was a challenge. Thanks to Joanne’s super brushes that she left for me I did do some of it without tape (of course the picture shows the part that I used the tape for).
ac room paint complete.jpg
So there is the completed paint job – even the touch ups are done. We are now ordering the carpet for the floor and the tile is already on site. It will be a mix of the two. We are also commencing the doors and trim for the basement so that her bedroom and the bathroom can have some privacy! We also need to look at the suspended ceiling as well as the exposed beam in her room. Lights might also be a nice option.
downstairs bathroom tile job.jpg
Ron hard at work with the tile for the downstairs shower. I had fun and babysat Ty for the day that Ron worked on this! Now I get the joy of sealing it all and then the doors will go up and voila a shower. Hence the need for the door to the room! That actually is the only door in the house that we don’t have “in stock” and so will be hitting Habitat Restore or talking with Stephen or salvaging from somewhere. Hoping to hit that great salvage house from up near Borden and pick up the baseboards (we ran out of room in the truck that first day) and potentially some more trim boards.
The attic really hasn’t changed much – it is totally ready for my sewing machine and the fabric I got for my 50th birthday. Great stash that I have designed into a double nine patch for the first guest room. Not sure when I get to start sewing though as there are a few too many outstanding projects and no tables up there to sew on! Also no updated pictures; in fact it turns out there are hardly any pictures of the attic and yet it is one of my favorite rooms. There is a picture of the bannister while I am redoing it and one of Andrew redoing the floors but not much else. I thought there was one of my cutting board and mini ironing board but can’t seem to locate it. The heat is working very nicely up there now and the room will be such a delight next winter. Think portable project parties on Friday nights with a couple of drinks and some munchies!
triple push button cover.jpg
The main floor hasn’t really progressed a lot either but we did order one little item from a company in the States that helped finish off an area. It is amazing how the little finishing touches can really change the look of the room. Putting on this push button cover plate was like a little mini victory – gone were the rough plaster edges and the boxes.
It will be nice if we could get up a few more under window trim boards up but it seems our drywaller is a total smuck and doesn’t ever intend to come back and finish up so we will have to do that ourselves. Not a big job just another job to add to our list. Will be nice to see those edges of plaster disappear. Now who do we know that likes to do drywall? Probably not a soul!
rad site with h2o leak.jpg
Another to do list – the ongoing saga of the radiators. The super cold weather in December along with the leak and the lack of glycol combined to “blow” a rad. It was the tiny one in our walk in closet and fortunately we were on site within a few hours of it happening. Down side is though the rad needs to be repaired and now we have some ceiling issues with the water that leaked. Hope that the radiator looks as good as it did when first redone and functions all right once it returns. The picture shows the dark water spots on the floor – not much we can do about them.
our bathroom with shower, door and trim.jpg
We have been working on the few outstanding items on the second floor as well. The trim into our walk in closet and bathroom is now complete as are the lights, tile and flooring. We need to source a vanity “type” of fixture for our bathroom – new to look old or old that is the right size etc. It will probably take some time to find what we are looking for and it seems there isn’t a huge hurry.
transom window redone.jpg
This picture shows the trim, door and transom window all redone. We had to replace glass in one transom and Ron had to re-chalk them in several spots. Also added glass pieces to frame the original fuse boxes (one on the second floor and one on the main floor in the half bath) so that people could see what had originally been there. Bit of a challenge getting the glass in place but it finally was successful on the second attempt! Nice people at Dynamic Glass re cut the second one at no charge and fortunately Ron didn’t cut his finger off when he broke the first piece! Will have to take a picture of the fuse box next time I have the camera on site.
happy 50 r and b.jpg
On a really cold night in January we celebrated turning 50 and someone turned it into window art! Hopefully our next big party will be the housewarming. Wouldn’t it be nice if it occurred on a warmer day!! Well it seems we don’t really have to worry about moving during the winter – see look at the positives! Seriously though there is a ton of 90% positive aspects in our lives and we are very thankful for family, friends and the great opportunity to work together that this project has given us.
Enjoy the blog site or stop by for a visit.

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10 Responses to Conditional Offer But No Move Date

  1. lynette says:

    I am so in for that first sewing day in the attic. As long as I can bring my own project OR perhaps Helen could meet me there with the nativity scene project we have discussed!! Your house looks almost done. I am looking forward to another visit – I will call first – I promice!! (Just like I always have)


  2. Claire B says:

    YAY more progress. And a happy thought for the conditional offer to be more than that.
    Next time I’m out I’ll bring the camera and take pics of the glorious attic!


  3. Janice says:

    I am CRUSHED ;( that you would think such a tiny little box would/could make us obsolete! Althought you might be able to hug it ….. Can it make desserts? Can it make you smile or laugh? Can you share secrets wi it? ….. I think not! I rest my case! 😉
    Love the pictures – this blog (as well as you both) are amazing! Thank you so much for taking the time to share! It brightens any day!


  4. Sandra Bacon says:

    Hi Bernie & Ron,
    Gordon sent me your blog address quite some time ago and I have been watching your progress with fascination and envy! You are doing an amazing job of that wonderful house! I know how much time every little thing takes (I’ve spent a few evenings polishing old brass “finds”)so you deserve medals for tenacity.
    Keep up the great work and good luck with the offer on your city house!
    And thanks for the wonderful blog.
    Sandra Bacon


  5. Terry Kikcio says:

    WOW! What you have done is unbelievable.


  6. Les Ogren says:

    Bernie your home looks beautiful. It is decorated with love & hard work! What a project, but it is coming together beautifully.


  7. Pat Buckley says:

    Okay, now that I have read the blog update it is obvious that a) we need to walk so you can tell me about the conditional sale b) we need to come for a visit and see all of the great progress you have made on the house


  8. Cathy Webb says:

    Hi! Pictures are great but of course, the real thing is far better. Glad to hear that you might have a bite on the city house – patience is a virtue. Thanks for the note last week – I really appreciate you taking time to think of us when your life is so busy! Take care and good luck with the sale.


  9. kagould17 says:

    I remember the good old days of push button switches. As kids, we always liked quickly pushing them on and off, which drove our parents bonkers. I also recognize the transom lites over the doors that we had in some of our houses. Ahhhh, nostalgia. Allan


    • bernieLynne says:

      Our grandson is fixated with them. Turn around and he’s standing on a chair playing with them! Transom windows don’t seem to be a regular old house item; more common in hotels, schools and hospitals but we sure like them. No nostalgia here — I get to enjoy these touches!


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