No and No

No – we haven’t sold yet and No we haven’t moved yet. We are waiting for the first thing so we can then proceed to the second item. When we do you can be sure that the blog site will be updated and we will post the notice for the moving party (hint hint) and then for our housewarming party/tours.
I’ve had several people wondering why the blog site is so “behind” and out of date. It has been well over 2 months since I last updated it. I realize that but for several reasons it just hasn’t happened.
There was a flurry of activity in early October as we premoved stuff out the garage and house to the borrowed sea can (thanks to VCM for the loan of this “temporary” garage). Thanksgiving weekend was a blur with moving, hiring a professional stager, painting the downstairs bathroom and having a house showing during this! Another special thanks to Scott Williams of Williams Mobile Power Wash for the use of the van for moving plus the whole family showed up to help move boxes. As well thanks to Spencer, Mike Kotlar, Helen and Lorne and to the Dodgers who showed up to help us move – Terry, Brian and Tim (we’d like to reserve the right to get more work out of Tim next time!)
piano playing van.jpg
The ever popular piano playing mover Helen – book early to coordinate the piano in the moving van act!
Following on the heels of this was my girls’ weekend away with my nursing friends – left on Wednesday and returned home Sunday night feeling totally rejuvenated. Good thing as at the end of October my mom came to visit for a week so she could finally have her troublesome knee scoped plus do some follow up ophthalmology visits. To add to the tempo we got a short notice call on Monday afternoon fro Alyssa to get her hardware removed. Same day and same hospital but different surgeons. So there was a fun day visiting with all my old coworkers and looking after my 2 “invalids”. They both did very well though and were soon back to normal.
The computer then spent about 4 weeks with the flu (not critically ill just a lingering don’t feel well or act well “itis”) so there was no internet access for one thing, The camera cable then went missing after I got some pictures taken and the computer was functional. More time delays. Then I repeated the weekend away in November and went away with my scrap booking/quilting friends to Redberry Camp. Georgina was right – what I didn’t get done that weekend at the house just didn’t get done! In late November we hosted Ron’s mother, brother and sister in law who came out to celebrate his 50th birthday with a family weekend. Now we are into a blur of Christmas parties, gifts, baking and decorating (well still not sure how much of that to do although we seriously doubt it will sell in December).
So there is 7 valid reasons why there has been no update – also fills you in on what we’ve been doing with our extracurricular time. Add lots of time at work for both of us as well as a couple of projects (besides the house) and it hasn’t left a lot of blogging time.
One of my projects did involve writing though – 2000 words for a book submission for “Women Pioneers of Saskatchewan”. There has always been so much information about Bowyer Bradford, my grandfather, but I felt that (after the summer family reunion) it was time to learn more about May’s story. After it is edited I might post it here and even do a longer version as 2000 words is difficult to tell all the details; it just gives you an overview and a feeling of what her life was like. But I digress although I have referred to my grandparents before under the homesteading entry – Bowyer’s journal provided some insight into their stories and I compared our life of luxury to theirs of basic needs being meet.
All right back to our story. We are making progress and the upside to a slow house sale is that we have done a significant amount of finishing work that we thought we would be living in when we did. At this point in time the attic is 100% complete (windows are a separate item/issue so for purposes of % aren’t included), the second floor is 90% and the main floor is 95%. The basement still looks like a construction zone.
The attic has been cleaned twice and is ready for tables, sewing machines, scrap booking supplies and FRIENDS! It looks outstanding. The one modern light in the whole house fits in very well with its Lynette custom paint job but we will need those Ott lamps for late afternoon and evening work. I have Martin a hug when the heat finally turned on up there as I was so excited. Since that time we’ve had several issues with it but finally appears to be solved.
The second floor is still shower less; our shower is ready for the doors but Ron hasn’t gotten them installed yet although they are out of the package and ready to go. The claw foot tub connector for the shower was the wrong one so Martin has the correct one on order so we will see which shower is ready first. The linen closet has sheets and towels in it. The bedroom with the antique furniture is just waiting for the quilt which I am already designing to go on it. The electrical issues are sorted out thanks to Ron’s persistence and Lorne’s assistance and all of the lights are hung. The woodwork is all refinished but unfortunately we didn’t check the fit of the doors before I redid them. Some of them need adjusting so will have to go the basement for some cutting, sanding, etc. The two new doors still need trim on 3 of the 4 sides and we will have to create/recreate that with our surplus supplies. Heating still has a couple of concerns which Ron and Martin are trying to sort out. That’s it for the second floor. Ron completed the chimney in the kitchen attic before the weather turned so that was great.
inside view chimney.jpg
The inside view of the completed chimney – still need to take an outside view of it up to it’s completed height.
The main floor looks really great. The pantry door, which is new as is the transom window above it, needs trim created for it. Spencer continues to work away on the island butcher block. He has taken it apart, planed it down on the two sides, put it back together and is now on the final sanding of it. He then needs to do the final sizing and put on the edge trim boards and then it will be ready for the special mixture for the top – believe it is beeswax and mineral oil so that one can use it without a cutting board. I am pretty sure he will be glad to get the project done just like Ron was with the tile backsplash. Tile went up well and then he started to grout – same product and same procedure but it set up too quickly and he then spent several hours removing grout with a special tool. He wasn’t particularly happy about that turn of events but in the end it looks really good; better than I had anticipated. I really wanted to hold out for tin ceiling panels but couldn’t source any. Maybe some day we will find enough to do the ceiling in the kitchen. Thankfully the main floor has no plumbing or heating issues. I have started a final clean up there now.
wall sconces parlor.jpg
The wall sconces in the parlor – a perfect compliment to the incredible paint job.
Loads of stuff we have been doing isn’t visible such as cleaning brass plates or trimming up transom windows. The finishing work which is typically 10% of the job seems to take about 75% of the time and isn’t near as exciting as the beginning phases. Most of this would be easier as well if we were there on site and could putter away for an hour here of there. Some day soon we hope!
The basement is still a catch all and work area. We are slowly moving forward with the downstairs bedroom. Alyssa picked out paint colors plus wall paper for the one solid wall. Ron and I hung the wall paper last weekend without a single cross word. It looks great as the floral pattern is reminiscent of old houses but (there is always a but somewhere isn’t there!) it is going to be a challenge to paint as my test patch proved. It’s to be 2 colors with a dark color band in between the colors. Ron is purchasing a laser level with the gift card he received from his family for his big 50 so that will help with the lines. No more Janice and Bernie with the tape and level (and then the drink when it drove us crazy!). Spencer got the shelving unit built and we have used up most of the space already. The cold storage room now has an insulated roof and a door so that the spuds are a bit cooler which is a good thing as the mechanical room tends to be the hottest room in the house. The in floor heat in the basement provides more heat than is required so hope that they can move some of that warmth up to the attic or the house warming present might have to be a space heater!
shelving unit.jpg
The shelving unit in the storage room – just starting to fill up.
So when I started out to update the blog I didn’t think that we had made that much progress in the last two months but upon reviewing the September entry and checking around the house it turns out we have made a lot of progress but I haven’t been great about taking a load of pictures of it. We would really like to be living in the house at this point but don’t feel we want to move out and try to sell a vacant house so are hanging in here. We are trying to focus on the positives and keep the balance in our life (i.e. I didn’t go out tonight so that I could update the blog). I had forgotten how annoying it is to do this blog and loss part of it and redo it and then lose part of it again… So if you like it you had better leave me a comment!! I do apologize for the lack of pictures – not so much an issue of uploading as an issue of lack of pictures. Think I need to go do some photo documentation as I can’t seem to find pictures to go with most of the story lines.
PS This is totally amazing – as I am fighting with the program and have to exit and reenter I realize that there is a new comment! So someone was checking, read the blog and left a comment without even so much as a complaint that there weren’t enough pictures (which I am once again struggling with!) Thanks Megan for making my day.
PPS This last picture is the cairn that our family built over Maxi’s final resting spot. She was diagnosed with cancer on September 28th and died exactly a week later with Spencer, Breeze and I sitting beside her. It was a very sad day for all of us and Breeze continues to struggle with the lack of companionship.
Maxi's cairn.jpg

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9 Responses to No and No

  1. megan says:

    Hey guys, sounds like your busier than a bee in pollen season… I’m sure the house has changed since we were out so when we are in S’toon and Dave is home we will attempt to get back out for a visit.


  2. Cathy Webb says:

    Everything looks so awesome – can’t wait to visit the finished project once you are officially in! Life is extremely busy here but not as crazy or as fun sounding as yours. Love the cairn – we made one in Mum and Dad’s garden for our old retriever, Perk, and its still there after 26 years. Take care. Cathy
    ps. Happy Bday to Ron!


  3. Georgina says:

    I resent those comments about the comments!! I do leave comments!!
    I can hardly wait for your first scrapbooking evening–I am so IN!!


  4. Jacqueline Anderson says:

    Hi Bernie, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your update. I must say I don’t know how you do it. I get tired just reading about all your activity, but I guess that’s what happens when you’re about the become a grandma :). You definitely have a jam packed life. The house is looking great! Have a wonderful Christmas!


  5. Lynette says:

    Hi Bernie
    I must admit, the first thing I look for on your blog is the paint job and man is it wonderful. All the pictures are just great and keep me posted about the house warming party! I am also excited to be in your attic!
    Sorry to hear about Maxi, such a nice friendly dog.


  6. Dianne Wilson says:

    Hi Bernie & Ron,
    Just cruised through the latest blog entry. Absolutely amazing and exhilarating! The house just glows. You have done a most excellent job of bringing the ‘grand old dame’ back to her glory (probably better than original, actually). We can hardly wait to see it in person.
    Sorry to here about Maxi. We lost Zeus, my Siberian Husky on November 18, to lymphosarcoma; he was 9 years and 46 days old.


  7. Pam says:

    Wow, wow, and wow! Love the kitchen you guys! Great taste in decor and beautifully done! Wow! Bet you can hardly wait to get on the with the “next stage of your lives”. The pictures look so great…I can hardly wait to see in “for real”. What are you thinking of in terms of housewarming gifts? Give me some ideas!
    Love, Pam


  8. kagould17 says:

    Great progress for sure. There is nothing better than getting renos and redec done when you are not trying to live in a place. The only drawback is travel time to and from the job site. Allan

    Liked by 1 person

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