What We’ve Been Up Too

The calendar tells me that it has been well over a month since the last update. Finding pictures that show the progress of the last 6 weeks made me check the calendar again. What had we been doing? It would appear that this is going to be a slightly different update than the usual construction one.
The first weekend (following the last update) Ron and I went to Edmonton to watch Alyssa ride for three days. It was significantly more relaxing than last year when she broke her leg. We were very proud of how hard she has worked to get back into the competitive jumping ring. We had great weather and a nice visit with my sister and with my friend’s sister Joanne (the famous painter).
Edmonton Pic 08.jpg
The next week found us hard at work professionally until Thursday night when we entertained our friends Marian and Gord. We didn’t get any work done but we had tons of awesome food, some good drinks and lots of laughs. They were impressed with how far the project had progressed since last year’s Flin Flon/Imperial trip.
08 07 31 Goodman visit.jpg
Between their visit and the trip to Moose Jaw we did manage to pick up the long awaited bathroom tiles only to discover that there was twice as many blue as we needed and none of the burgundy for the downstairs bathroom. Not that this comes as any surprise – between Direct Buy and Daltile they couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag!! But I’m not bitter that we have been waiting since March!!
So the long weekend found us in Moose Jaw at the long awaited Bradford reunion. Just like all the other ones it was fabulous. Tons of family – loads of stories and laughs plus a bit of an education in Canada and even Western Canada for some of our Ontario relatives. They loved Pilsner beer – who but a Cruikshank would have believed that was possible! I don’t have the picture of the 90+ family that were there but have included what we call Generation 3 (which is my generation). Lynette and I are the babies of the generation – hence we got the floor! It was great to renew old world wide ties as well as make new family ties.
08 MJ Generation 3.jpg
Ron and I stayed for 2 extra days and did the homestead tour to Central Butte, Claybank Brick Plant, Provincial Legislative Building, Provincial Museum, RCMP barracks and the sunset ceremony (well ok we tried to do that except for the thunder and lightening which was the only bad weather we had in 7 days). The extended tour really allows for some quality and quantity time with the “family” that sticks around plus a ton of laughs.. This extended tour put down the seeds for my mom and I to travel to Ontario to visit her generation and mine – a trip I think we will both enjoy.
original homestead quarter.jpg
We returned home from Moose Jaw with an extended family caravan down the highway! My niece Wanda and her significant other, John Ben from New Zealand came up for a visit. Also here to experience Saskatoon and northern Saskatchewan were my cousin Jennie, her husband Keith and their girls Eleanor and Felicity. We had a quiet morning, did a house tour and then travelled up to Waskisieu for 2 days. We stayed at Elkridge Resort and had a really relaxing and fun time. We couldn’t show them the northern lights but we did show them an extremely spectacular Milky Way. Unfortunately they were also fodder for the mosquitoes so time outside was a bit of an issue as they all reacted quite badly to our pesky little friends.
PANP in the water.jpg
Friday night, once back in Saskatoon, we all attended the Mid Summer Masters Horse and watched Alyssa ride the 5 bar!! This is 5 jumps, 2 strides apart and in increasing heights down the line. Everyone in the group was extremely impressed with her efforts. Then we returned home for some fresh Saskatoon pie courtesy of my cousin Helen. They all pulled out on Saturday am and we were off to watch and volunteer at the Mid Summer Masters Horse show. We did find a couple of hours that weekend to work on a couple of small projects.
5 bar round 2.jpg
The following week found us at work professionally during the day and then spending 4 or 5 hours at the house each evening as we tried to get some momentum rolling again. As you can see from the next picture we completed the tile in the main upstairs bathroom. We have now sealed the grout and moved the claw foot tub back into place – ready for Martin to do the plumbing.
tile in main bath.jpg
We have both been working hard on the electrical aspect of the house because the evenings are no longer as sunny as they once were and lights are going to be required soon to work after supper. To date we only had a functional light in the kitchen and the basement. Our reproduction lights arrived from Victoria in my sister’s trailer to Moose Jaw. There were no transportation issues and we were grateful for that plus the cost was pretty darn good! Ron has been plugging away on the 7 “utility” lights as well as the 5 fancier ones for the kitchen and in the meantime I have been cleaning the antique ones that we bought. My Mom’s friend Beatrice recommended Peek for bronze and it works way better than Brass cleaner. Nothing like a little bit of it, some elbow grease and an SOS pad. I spent a pleasant morning with Claire working on lights as well as several evenings. The picture below shows the left portion of the fixture cleaned and the right one not cleaned. The quality of the picture isn’t as good as I would have liked and I never did figure out why. The second picture is the reproduction light that we picked for all the utility type spots (porches, pantry, stairwells and laundry room) – I am very pleased with how they look. There was nothing on the market in Saskatoon that was at all the right style but it was worth it to go searching.
antique bronze lights.jpg
utility light picture.jpg
The following weekend found me focusing on selling the house – we felt like we hadn’t put much into that in the previous three weeks. So we changed the carpet around the hot tub, spruced it all up and I spent 2 afternoons hoping that it would sell. The plus to these afternoons was the chance to sit on the veranda and read a book in the sunshine. One day my mom called and the next day Helen called – this helped pass the time nicely. We did have people through but obviously we haven’t had the “right” ones through yet so we are just patiently keeping in on the market and having frequent open houses. This is not always easy with 2 big dogs!!
Add a few more work days plus a professional work weekend with a few hours off for a wedding. Our dessert club friends Stephen and Gladys married off their daughter.so that was a late night and an early morning for work!! Special thanks to our other dessert club friends (Greg and Janice) for supper the following night – the food and the company were, respectively, good and relaxing. We also had 2 funerals and a surprise 50th birthday party – this had made for a busy summer and not as much progress as we would have liked. At this point in time we thought we would be in the house and we really are quite close. Got delivery of the appliances and after returning the 32 inch fridge for the correct 30 inch fridge (this means we can have cold beer on a work day!!)
We took temporary possession of a sea container – thanks to Raymond and the staff at VCM – on Tuesday morning. This will be temporary storage for garage and basement items that require a home so that we can move out of here and still have room to walk around there. Thanks to Spencer for securing a great row of temporary shelving and for some bobcat work (thanks once again goes to Peter from Precision Paving for the use of his bobcat) that got the garage area ready for the container. He also started some work on insulating the garage pad and building up grade level around it. Not bad for a young adult who pays rent somewhere else now! We’re pretty lucky that he gives freely of his time for our project; think this week he is going to tackle the mini butcher block. This will be a test for the real butcher block island – needs to be taken apart, planed, put back together and then finished!! Sounds like a smidgen of work but he is between work assignments right now so has some time on his hands.
Martin has been back a couple of times and the radiators are now all hooked up complete with thermostat valves. Only a bit of progress on “facilities” since the last time that I reported that we had a flush toilet and running water. At this point we still don’t have hot water but that will be along after the next 2 days that Martin is on site. I thought I would include a picture of the mechanical wall – he took every inch of it and made this maze. When I give house tours I can point out a few features but I do hope it comes with an on call mechanical contractor! The picture only shows a portion of the controlled chaos.
veisman boiler.jpg
So that is the last 6 weeks. I have found out from a few people that the blog site occasionally gets checked for updates even if I haven’t emailed out an update notice. It’s nice to know that people are interested – I would of course realize this sooner if people actually left comments in the comment box!!! Hope you have all enjoyed your summer and that soon you will be able to come visit us in our “new” “old” house but for now CALL FIRST!!! We will be around most of this weekend – Ron is working on tile and I am back at the woodwork again but we will take some time off for dessert club/Labour Day Football Classic game on Sunday.

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6 Responses to What We’ve Been Up Too

  1. Peggi Holmes says:

    Loved the update and glad you guys took a little time to enjoy the too short summer we always have!


  2. Gary Cruikshank says:

    Looks like things are progressing nicely. You are into the finicky detail things that always take longer. Glad you had a good sunmmer and took time off to enjoy as well. We should be in by Sept. 13th without kitchen counters but that is okay as we leave on the 15th for the Maritimes and cycling. Will try to send pictures before we leave. Keep up the good work.We moved an old house to Haney Village in June so your next project will be to come and bring it up to snuff in 2009!!!


  3. Pat Buckley says:

    Okay…just wanted to let you know that I have read the update. Great to hear what is happening both at the house and in your other life. I’m looking forward to our upcoming walk and hearing more.


  4. Lynette says:

    You wanted people to comment. “Nice!” and “I hope you sell your city house soon, it only takes one person, this I know from experience.” I am still hoping to see you this weekend.


  5. Joanne (the younger) says:

    The painting looks amazing!! Makes me want to hop a plane and come for a few weeks. I bet the kids would miss me though….


  6. Linda Descalchuk says:

    After I check out your blog, I need to rest for a while.


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