Odds and Sods

It has been over a month since the last actual update and yet somehow it doesn’t seem as if we have progressed much. That was until I looked at the last blog entry pictures and realized that yes we have moved forward. So here are a few pictures that shows some of the progress. It really has been odds and sods as the title implies; some electrical, tile work, wood work, painting, intercom, brick cleaning, tree weeding and more wood finishing (starting to feel like this is the song that never ends we started singing it not knowing what it was and we will continue singing it forever it’s the song that never ends ……)
transaction transition counter.jpg
The “barrier” wall (Ron and I disagree – I say transition because it is from one area to the next and he says transaction because that is what they are used for) between the kitchen and the dining room has been built and installed. Just like the kitchen cupboard installers the carpenter had to deal with some square/plumb issues but he is a genius and it turned out really well. The top will have the soapstone counter top like the L portion of the kitchen.
dining room complete.jpg
The push to get this done was that I finally started working on all of the wood work in the dining room so that the main floor would be complete. I was trying to hold out for help or even company because it was a big job but Ron badgered me to get it done (which is ok because I have badgered him about a few things as well!). I must say that I am glad it is done and it does look really good.
Here is a picture of the kitchen wainscoting; complete with trim boards on top. The vertical boards were run through the planer but the trim boards were hand stripped of their lovely green paint, sanded, stained, varnished and installed. Note the intercom box on the left hand side.
kitchen view.jpg
Been a while since I showed a picture of the kitchen please note that my island won’t regularly be that cluttered. The microwave is now in place but the counter tops haven’t left Ontario yet and the appliances are ?? — guess it is a good thing we haven’t sold our city house yet. AND YES I HAVE A STEP LADDER FOR THE TALL CUPBOARDS — it will live behind the swinging door near the wainscoting.
the wood refinisher.jpg
This shows the wood working station set up in the basement – usually do the cleaning and sanding outside and then vacuum the wood (using the Van de Woestyne’s shop vac – thanks so much Ray and Janice for the extended loan). The staining is done on the table and then the boards are spread out and varnished. I sometimes have the basement pretty full of wood.
auction light goes up.jpg
The electrician hanging our first heritage light. It didn’t look quite this nice when we paid $70 for it at an auction but with some elbow grease plus the right cleaning product it now sparkles.
The electrician has also installed the in floor heat thermostats, the pump system for the water tank and the intercom.
tile and cupboard.jpg
This picture is taken from the back door – it shows the tile on the floor and the completed and reinstalled wood work (in the little above the stairs cupboard). Since that time we have actually put up more trim and are as complete as we can be at this moment in time.
ensuite tile finally.jpg
Here at long last – bathroom tile in the en suite. It hasn’t been laid down yet as they sent grey mortar for white tile. Trust that we didn’t order grey!! This has been the most frustrating aspect of the whole reno – the bathroom tile. Followed closely by the fact that the drywaller won’t come back and finish up the last few deficiencies that he said he would do the next week (that was 6 weeks ago and I phone him so often he doesn’t answer my number any more)
salvage brick.jpg
This picture shows 280 salvage red brick from a house across from the hospital that was being demolished. Lucky phone call and a bit of patience and we have some good quality red brick for the chimney (which is high on the list of things to do). Cleaning it was a pleasure and a pain sun shine with back pain!! Also a little hard on the hands but between Alyssa and I we got them completed. Now we just have to look forward to hauling them up on the roof when Ron becomes a brick layer.
functioning bath laundry.jpg
This picture also shows on the house a round black fitting this is our water inlet. We also now own a small tank and for a loonie can go haul water from 5 miles south of us. We have a flush toilet and running outside water. This text kind of leads to the next picture which has a functioning washer, dryer, toilet and a counter top for the vanity which is almost (except they forgot to put the holes in so just waiting to pick them up again),
So we have made some forward steps and hope to be living in the house by the time University starts in the fall. It would be fabulous if this one had sold by then but patience is the only option at this point. In the meantime we will continue to work away on essentials and some frivolous items (like we hung the old phone up – looks so cool).
We had an amazing turn out of people for our open house tours — if you missed getting up just give us a call and make sure we are around before you come on out. We enjoy doing the tours and it helps us realize how far we’ve come and what a treasure we have. Thanks to everyone who brought food or drink or cards — it was awfully nice of you but not necessary. So I had better get my work cloths on and get out there – time is a ticking and there is always something to do. Remember comments are always welcome – they won’t show up right away but we will post them.

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