The End is in Sight

Only 3+ weeks since the last entry and yet it seems like 3 months ago. A lot has changed and yet I am still in the painting stage. There have been a lot of other activities going on as well so the end really does seem to be in sight.
The May 11th entry has some rooms getting primed, some rooms getting color and Andrew starting to work on the attic floors. As of today the painting on the main 3 floors is complete with only the basement bedroom and bathroom requiring first coats of color (not chosen yet) and the main room needs the second coat. This includes the stairwell which fills me with as much remorse as the stairwell/hallway upstairs did! Not fun. There are a few issues with plaster repairs that we aren’t sure if another coat of paint will make a difference or if we just accept the “issues”. Today I actually got to start the speciality painting on the main floor; just a little test patch but it looks good. Ron has started the final electrical connections and even put some cover plates on so the rooms are starting to come together.
Andrew was the full 2 weeks (plus a couple of additional afternoons) doing the 3 floors. The fir and maple look great but vastly different in color. Couple of spots that didn’t turn out all that well but it adds character!! It is interesting to note the blood stains, the water spots and the potato smelling closet. There are a couple of minor issues; one that he is coming back to deal with on Saturday and then that is one more item off the list. Feels like we should be taking our shoes off but then going to the basement is an issue in slippers.
This picture shows the refinished fir floor in the attic along with the slant fin heater and the final wall color.
The timing was tight and had to be reworked around the floors but finally Floyd and his crew from Ranco Manufacturing arrived with the kitchen cupboards and the downstairs vanity. Alyssa and I had seen them at the shop being built so knew they looked outstanding but watching them being installed was pretty exciting. Much to Jay and Siret’s dismay it would appear that the walls and floors aren’t square or level so there was a bit of shimming going on here and there. Consequence to that is that the lower portion of the L shape is a bit higher than I would have liked but that is offset by the fact that the island was custom built to a very comfortable height for me. The minor issues here were the kick plates but after much discussion between many people they are being removed, painted and reinstalled. The obvious comment of everyone who sees the kitchen is how am I going to reach the cupboards the answer is my two step mini ladder will live behind the door in the kitchen. Even Alyssa has trouble reaching the tall cupboards. They do match in concept what was originally there; those units will be reused elsewhere in the house.
cupboard installation.jpg
Siret and Jay working out the issues of new cupboards in an old house.
Ron has commenced the reinstallation of the trim; starting in the main upstairs bathroom. I had sanded, primed and painted a large portion of it hunter green. He spent a Sunday morning sanding the rest of it and removing other items to ease in the sanding/priming/painting process. The color of the tub, walls and trim is giving the room some life back. There have been minor issues there but Ron solved them with some “fillers”. I have also started the cleaning process for all the hardware; Circa 1850 plus a ton of time gives decent results.
The painted and primed trim plus the painted claw foot tub coming back together.
The refinishing of the old wood and the finishing of the new wood is now a very timely decision. It has meant many trips around the city trying to find someone who actually matches stain and several attempts to get it just right as Goldilocks said. I think we have it now and so that means that the island and pantry can be stained and finished. We have done many test patches of old and new wood using various finishes and think we have found the best option. Our immediate priorities will be to do any areas behind radiators so that Martin can then come back and hook them all up. Our next priorities will be the rooms that we require hence the reason that the main floor bathroom has been a priority.
Ron working on actual trim; test boards have now come and gone.
The soapstone counter top is ordered and should be here in about 3 weeks. We bought granite for the bathrooms and hopefully that will happen this week or next. The time line for the bathrooms tiles is a tad longer which is very irritating for many reasons such as having a shower is considered essential services in my world!! Martin hopes to come out next week to finish up although the shower tile issue will also affect his work. So we will move in when the above items are all completed. We really hope that occurs by July 12th as that will be one year since the house arrived on site.
The site has changed a little in the last year and a couple more significant things have happened this spring. We had Strom Earthmoving back again to rework the ditch and garden area by the garage. Kevin, our farmer neighbor, has been out rock picking and tilling so that we could get the 80 acres seeded to grass. That happened last Thursday so now we are hoping for rain; just like the rest of the farmers around here. If it had been this dry last spring we would already be living in the house as rain delays haven’t been an issue for anyone this spring.
The field with no rocks and the custom seeder ready to roll.
All in all it has been a productive 3 weeks since the last update. We have had our first “dessert” event in our new kitchen when Janice and Greg showed up with cake and cool whip. What a wonderful treat; friends bearing food and saying how great things looked. As always call first before you come (Lynette) or else you might just look in windows as we might be at 518 doing an open house or out tile shopping. So try 222-8769 or 222-0073 or 668-1315 to find out our location and whether or not there is beer in the cooler. The crocuses are gone but the buffalo beans are out in full force.
Janice with the dessert in the new kitchen; taken from my blackberry.

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4 Responses to The End is in Sight

  1. Terry Kikcio says:

    Wow! It’s hard to believe it’s the same place! Well done!


  2. Laurel Grant says:

    Your house is looking great! I love the floors, and actually everything!
    Can’t wait for an invite to come see it.


  3. kagould17 says:

    Good to see Floyd and Ranco’s name here. We used this firm in my former career and he was a real gem. Glad he was helping you out here. If you chat with him in the future, tell him I say hello. Great to see some finishing work done. Allan


    • bernieLynne says:

      I hadn’t realized that they did out of province stuff. My husband’s company worked with them a lot and that’s how we ended up there. He originally worked at Graham as did my other half. They did good work (he’s since retired and I am not sure if the company is still going).


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