The Marathon

We never set out to do a marathon but it would appear that we are in the middle of a painting one. I guess it stands to reason with a house that size and with every room needing 3 to 4 coats of paint that this phase will last a while. We have been painting for days that have turned into weeks which is why it has been almost a month since the last blog update. So between painting, washing painting supplies (my least favorite part of painting), picking colors and organizing supplies and helpers I have been a tad busy.
This is my third attempt at updating the blog site last night I had 6 paragraphs in and hit save so that I could start to add the pictures. Lost the whole thing but for the first paragraph. So I steadily typed it all back in again and hit save you guessed it. Once again it wasn’t there. It is kind of strange as I haven’t had any issues with text in quite some time but for whatever reason it wasn’t with me last night. So tonight I am writing in Word and will transfer the text over; hit save and see what happens.
The first painter to notice that the crocuses had arrived was Pat Buckley. She donated a day to help prime the main floor and put some color in the kitchen and while taking a break she found flowers. It was during that miserable week with rain and snow so it’s a wonder that they were out but easy to imagine why Pat would rather paint than do yard work! The next one to notice them was Claire Bullaro, who had never seen them in their native setting. She did manage to paint as well as bring goodies and walk the dogs down for their first swim of the year.
Claire busy cutting in the Dijon color in the back porch.
Ron’s brother and sister-in-law Gary and Cheryl visited us from Salmon Arm. They were doing the Saskatchewan family tour (Cheryl’s brother Doran lives in Regina) and helping us all out. Gary probably wanted to build something but painting was on the agenda and paint he did. Turns out he’s pretty good at it and we put in some long days priming and painting.
Gary in the “closet”.
We had some other help along the way; both our children put in some decent hours getting primer and paint on walls. Spencer’s buddy Mike Kotlar also gave me a couple of days while they were between jobs. Amazing what a little cash under the table will do for young men!! Turns out they were both pretty decent painters although looking at the equipment one might have thought that they were messy. Alyssa, it turns out, is a perfectionist painter which is a great asset but rather uneasy about heights so she gets the long roller and I do the cutting in. This will work out well as she and I will do many of the final coats in the many rooms yet too finish up.
Alyssa up on the scaffolding. I find it amazing that this scares her more than jumping her horse over a 3’6″ fence.
Once again, our extended family came to our rescue, when we needed to get some serious priming and painting done so that the flooring company could move in. Helen and Lorne came out and with gusto helped wash walls, prime, tape woodwork and paint colors. They also showed up with food, excellent buns and cookies par usual. In return we supplied them with beer and a chance to see the crocuses.
Helen, with the long handled roller in the tiny bathroom; working around the clawfoot tub, radiator and someone’s empty coffee mug and beer (GARY)
Ron and Lorne putting up the tape lines to mark the picture rail line where the color change occurs.
We got painting equipment loans from Pat Buckley, Claire Bullaro, Stephen Stade and Greg Hales. We had to paint 8 colors in 3 days with no running water and I only want to own so many trays, handles and good cutting in brushes so I borrowed. Many thanks to all for the loan SOMEDAY when I finish painting I will return them all!
We have had some painting misadventures along the way but I am still not sure if I want to talk about them; especially in a public forum!! I picked up drywall primer to use on all the walls. Worked ok on the newly skimmed plaster walls and the drywall spots. It didn’t pass the “scratch” test on the plaster repaired walls in a couple of rooms on the main floor so Ron got to sand it all off; I got to clean the room up again and this time we primed it with oil based. This also meant that all the walls on the second and attic level had to be washed before being painted and oil based primer used. I know washing the walls does make sense but hard to do with plaster patches and drywall spots etc and I thought because we were priming maybe we could skip that stage! The attic and one of the upstairs bedrooms had never been painted and were just finished plaster I strongly suspect that they had never been washed before.
Another misadventure was the basement stairwell and the ladder. It is a great ladder for being maneuverable to many heights and works well on stairs but it is kind of heavy and got away from me and you guessed it nice hole in the brand new wall!! Good thing Kelly has to come back and do some final touch up’s on plaster spots anyway.
Another sort of snafu was the amount of paint I ordered in a couple of the colors; let’s just say that math has never been my strong suit and I really like those colors so we will use them in many rooms!! In my defense this happened after I had done a super long stint at work; got up Thursday am and went to bed Friday night but time was of the essence if we were to get the flooring guys in on time so paint we did.
Andrew from Dale’s Hardwood started last Monday; on time and hard working. By Friday he had sanded down the attic, the stairs and the second floor and put on the first coat of sealer. He had originally estimated a week to 10 days but it looks like it will be 2 weeks of steady work. The fir flooring in the attic and the second floor has been a challenge in some areas but it is looking awesome. He has started now on the main floor and today patched the “Herbie” holes in the dining room. Seems really weird not to have them there but think we can get used to it. Good thing we aren’t using them as our main heating vent system like we did all winter.
Andrew; hard at work in the attic making the fir look “new” again!! Note the summer harvest color of the walls.
At this point we aren’t really using any kind of heating system but our real one is getting a tad closer to being complete. Martin was back on Mother’s Day (probably he and I will never hear the end of this from his wife/my friend) and got a ton of work done. He plans on spending a good portion of the week working away at his list so we are hopeful that it will happen. His goal was to be complete by May long weekend so that their camping season could commence but honestly it is still too cold to go camping (ask Spencer and Mike they are living in our tent trailer in Lanigan and it is cold at night!) so he might as well work.
Well time has again ran away on me and I still need to add some pictures so I hope that this attempt works. An hour later I have managed to upload 2 pictures so that is all tonight’s entry will get as I can’t seem to figure out why it won’t accept them. I will attempt more of this tomorrow evening when I get home from work. Tomorrow during the day I will be busy painting in case anyone is bored and wants something rewarding and fun to do!!! 3 evenings later and I give up on this blog entry. Please pretend you see all the pictures. Not sure why I can’t even get them to upload this time; usually it is the size or the rotation of them that is the issue. Better luck next time is what I think. Soon I will do a blog entry with some before or after pictures or better yet come and see the progress. We will be around this weekend (you guessed it) painting. 222-8769 and you can use my “cell” because I got a new one for Mother’s Day and it has incredible coverage.
It is now Friday evening and my patience has paid off as I have successfully uploaded the previously invisible pictures. Not sure how mnay people will go back and look at the site a second time but at least it makes me feel better and now Beverly can quit complaining that I don’t include enough pictures!! (For sure I will hear about it if she reads that sentence)

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11 Responses to The Marathon

  1. Lynette says:

    Hi there Bernie
    It sounds like you are just perking along. I really want to see it now. the pictures don’t do it justice!! One question, what is Spencer doing in Lanigan? I have a basement bedroom open for cousin’s kids you know.


  2. Claire B says:

    I’m sure Helen’s thrilled with her picture…..
    Sorry Helen. If I could have fit into the bathroom I would have taken the picture from the side.


  3. Gladys says:

    Bernie when you talking about a mishap I envisioned you breaking or spraining something. I am glad that it was only a wall. It is much faster and less painful to patch a wall than you.


  4. Ruth Robinson says:

    You guys are marvels!!!!


  5. Chrissy Krowchenko says:

    Hi Bernie
    Looks like things are really rolling along! How exciting! It looks like it will be an amazing house. At this rate I think your house will be done before ours! Mom and I were wondering when would be a good time for us to come and see the house? Can’t wait to see ya!


  6. Judi & Craig Perry says:

    Great to see what has happened to the house. One day soon we will get there (to Canada) and see it all. Wish we had your energy.
    Judi and Craig


  7. McClarty, Leila SCHR says:

    Very exciting and interesting to see the progression. Thanks for resending the link. I give you all the credit to do a big project like this as I am struggling through just doing a basement myself.


  8. Michelle Rowlett says:

    You were not kidding about when you do your blogging!!! Thanks so much for the link and I will definately pass it along to Kim. Hope the open house went well.


  9. lynette says:

    Hi Bernie
    Well, I did it again! But this time I meant to phone before we came but I forgot until we were on the road and I didn’t have your cell phone number, then we couldn’t get service to call your home because we were on #5. But this time I looked in the windows and it is amazing! You have done such a good job and so much work is already complete! While I was looking in the basement windows I happened to look up, “waaay up, and I’ll call Rusty”, it is really tall!
    One of these days I will get there when you are there but at least you know I am trying. Keep up the good work!!
    Take care.


  10. kagould17 says:

    That is a lot of painting, for sure. I used to hate painting when I worked and as a result, my prep was seldom good enough. Now I realize that time spent on prep is time well spent and saves on painting and cleanup time. Always good to have lots of help for a project this size. Allan

    Liked by 1 person

    • bernieLynne says:

      Oh the painting seemed to go on for ever and I like painting! I always have. I can remember being allowed to pick out a bedroom colour and my dad teaching me how to cut in and roll (like back in 1970!) and I’ve been painting ever since! Oh the help on this part was so fabulous! I had forgotten how many of our family and friends came out to assist. Thanks again for this as it encourages me to read them again! Man I sure had trouble with pictures in those days!


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