April’s Story

First and foremost I must correct the impression that I left with the last blog entry. Our 1918 house is not for sale! This is not a flip but rather an intense labor of love! In the last entry when I was discussing the selling of the house this refers to 518 Rossmo were we currently reside. I had several comments and emails regarding selling the “house” so wanted to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Our current house is for sale but not our restoration project as we hope to have about 20 years to enjoy it.
I find it hard to believe that it has been over 3 weeks since I updated the blog site. It falls on my Sunday night list but we were away last weekend so it didn’t happen. I have the camera back now and some pictures to upload plus a bit of a free evening while Ron designs the tile outlay for the bathrooms and finalizes quantities so thought I would take advantage of the time to update both my work book and the blog site.
The book is updated I hate to get behind in it as I can’t remember all the details without a handy reference. The binder has been replaced about 3 times as I have outgrown the initial small binder and then have dropped the bigger ones and broken the spines. The pages in this binder are getting tight but I can’t weed anything out because Ron always asks for some detailed info that I need to find in there! In fact as I was typing that he asked me for some info at that moment pretty scary coincidence.
So now on to the highlights of the work over the last 3 weeks well things aren’t progressing as quickly as we would like to see and so we are a bit disappointed. The young man who does the mud and tape wanted to get in and out in a hurry but to date hasn’t put in a full week but rather 2 days here and there. According to his time line “as of last week” the main floor would have been ready on Monday am for priming but unfortunately he was a no show last Thursday, Friday and Saturday so we arrived home after our weekend off to find that nothing had changed since I had cleaned up on Thursday morning. The work he has done to date looks great; the basement drywall isn’t all that exciting but on the main floor he has put the skim coat on all the plaster and that really changed the look of all those main floor rooms. The back portion of the house (kitchen, porches x 2, pantry and inner porch (now the half bath laundry room) were a rough plaster that with age and dirt wasn’t looking all that great. It looks fresh and new now with all the holes and plaster scrunches fixed right up. The dining room, front room, parlor and main floor bedroom have all had the plaster cracks repaired. In some spots the walls look like spider veins as he has followed the cracks. He has also smoothed over the dry wall to plaster transition areas.
This picture shows the new drywall on the ceiling and the wall on the right hand side (this is the half bath laundry room) and it shows the skim coated old plaster on the wall that has the door (where I am walking thru).
This picture shows new (the bulkhead as well as the ceiling) and the old (spidery veins of plaster being repaired).
This picture shows the basement drywall with the plumbing roughed in for the bar sink. The other item too note in this picture is the structural integrity of the steel beam. It has been reinforced by Tibo Welding (for the price of a can of Tim Horton’s coffee) as was suggested by Rempel Engineering.
Spencer has had some extra time on his hands as he is currently “between” jobs and so has spent some quality time with the belt sander and the hand sander bringing our butcher block back to life. It’s previous life was as a portion of the King George bowling alley but for $10 we decided to try and bring it back for a second go around as the counter top for our island. We are still working on sourcing and pricing soapstone for the main countertops.
The piece of wood on the right hand side is a sample of the color of the L shaped portion of the cupboard. The picture doesn’t really do it justice but it does show how nicely the butcher block is looking.
So in the meantime while we wait for more mud layers on and sanded off we have been busy “shopping”. Some of it is more looking and talking and working out various options than actual shopping. But too date we have bought 3 antique lights which of course will need to be re-wired. We have ordered the tile for the porches as well as the back splash (I lost the shape decision) and are working on colors and designs for the main floor bathroom, en suite (won that color decision) and downstairs bathroom. This also means that paint color needs to be picked out in those rooms. On that front I have 2 large ++ pails of primer plus the audubon russet and dijon paint colors bought for the “back” portion of the main floor. We had done research into vanities for the basement and have found a small dresser complete with mirror which we are going to turn into a vanity by down sizing our sink.
At this point in time I don’t have any pictures of the above items to share with you but you are always welcome to come out for a tour. Even better come out in your painting cloths this weekend (but call 668-1315 or 222-0073 or 222-8769 first) as there will be plenty to do. Special thanks to Lorne and Helen for showing up a couple of weekends ago with lunch and hands to load the dry wall up and haul it off to the dump. Thanks to Brian for the loan of the truck and Stephen for the trailer. They were both full to the hilt. Another round of thank yous to Claire for sweeping up and for providing more of those incredible brownies. Spring is here and our first use of Peter’s trailer was for hauling back the extra drywall so thanks to him for that and to the guys at VCM for their ongoing equipment support.
So the “free” time is over and it is now 2 hours after I started as there were some “issues” but I think it is all here now. Enjoy the read.

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5 Responses to April’s Story

  1. Cyndi Cunanan says:

    Your new butcher block looks great. I can just imagine you having a party in your kitchen. People will stand around it and “strike” up a conversation. I’m sure you’ll always have enough food to “spare”. If not, two people could always “split” something. They’ll just have to keep “score” of who ate what. That shouldn’t be hard to “pin” down. (OK, I’ll stop now, really, the place looks amazing!).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Phyllis Minielly says:

    It is looking really good, and I am amazed with all the work you are doing. I look forward to a soccer windup party!! I will come out to visit soon – when the latest snow is gone


  3. Claire B says:

    Laughing at Cyndi’s punny comments! 🙂


  4. roc567 says:

    I just reread Cyndi’s comment — I must remember this the next time people are eating around the island (which happens at every party).


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