Real Walls!

I have been meaning to update the blog site for the last 2 Sunday nights but time seemed to fail me. So here it is Monday night at 10:00 and I am finally sitting down for the update. Starting this late at night might mean fewer pictures unless they go well but thought that everyone would want to see pictures of walls with drywall as the last entry talked about the drywall arrival.
The basement was the first area that the drywall boarders started as it was all ready and straight forward. They got it 75% complete in one night and it was an amazing transformation. The back storage room is a tad dark but everything else is still light and bright but with rooms instead of 2 x 4 walls.
This is the bedroom with the pocket closet doors that I showed a few weeks ago.
Prior to the drywall going up on the second and main floor there was a fair amount of mechanical/plumbing work to be done. Martin was back and wrapped up a few areas. We were right behind him with the insulation and the poly so that the ceilings on the second floor were ready to go. Insulation and poly was required on the outside corners of the four rooms as they are the outside corners in the attic. The second floor then had the drywall board put up and voila no more grey insulation raining down on people!
This picture shows the insulation, poly and lathe. The heavy white pipe along the joist is the radiator line.
The main floor walls were also commenced by the boarders but not complete to date. They have the pantry, 1/2 bath laundry room, the walk out porch and half the kitchen done. All of those rooms have the ceilings done as there was no lines to run through there and I had finished the insulation there a while ago. Although it closed off some of the light streaming through the 2 x 4 walls it doesn’t feel dark in the kitchen at all. There are lots of windows that can be seen from that room which let light in from several directions and so even without sunshine (and there hasn’t been enough of that this month) there is still a nice feeling to that room.
This is a picture of the new door to the pantry with the transom window.
This is a picture of our new copper lines that run up to a second floor radiator. Martin would have preferred to put these hidden in a wall but the wood trim had premade holes!!
Last weekend Ron and I worked like fiends trying to get all the strapping in place and the microwave vent built and put in place. There were other bits of things here and there to be done prior to the board on the main floor. It was great to get all of those things accomplished. This weekend we made a new list and moved on down it. We took off all the quarter round on the baseboards so that the floor sander can get close enough to the trim. Our handy friend Claire cleaned up after Ron as he went from room to room. We also took down the bottom trim board on the windows so that we could insulate under there. That was a messy job to clean that space but I live for those fun jobs!! We also did another tremendous job over the last four days and that was strip the 1980’s linoleum off of the kitchen floor. We used a combination of a tile scrapper and a belt sander to remove the many layers of the paper. This job was not enjoyed by any ones hands or shoulders but it’s done!! The kitchen is also empty (except for the radiators) for the first time in ages. Many thanks to our friend Greg for helping to carry the 1940’s sink stand downstairs.
I have no pictures of this weekend because I dropped the camera on a tile floor last Sunday! So in the short term I guess I will have to borrow Spencer’s some time this week to take some more pictures of the walls and ceilings. We are under the impression that the mud and taping will commence tomorrow. Our cabinets are on line for the middle of April and our flooring guy is lined up for about the same time frame. We are trying to sort through the logistics of what to buy next. Claire and I went to the Habitat Re-Store and found a really nice light for a decent price. We are also trying to develop a game plan and a target date for selling this house so as you can see there are many pans in the fire but all in all it is an exciting time.
PS Hard to believe but every picture uploaded easily on the first try and sat in the correct viewing angle!! It is only 1030 so I’m pleased with the entry.

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3 Responses to Real Walls!

  1. Georgina says:

    if you ever need help shopping, just call. I would love to do that with you! Maybe with soccer almost over we can get out there!!! I know, you will believe when you see it!


  2. kagould17 says:

    In my previous life as a construction project manager, I was always thrilled to see the drywall up. Until then, it seemed like little to no progress was being made. You really do not get the full feel for a place until walls and ceilings are in. Allan

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