If this was Poker electrical work beats the heck out of insulation

OK it seemed like the electrical went on forever; Ron and I both had scratches all over our hands and I also had a sore wrist from sticking it inside walls. But that was all the fun stuff next we moved on to the insulation and there really isn’t a sense of “fun” with that. I am so thankful for the return home each night so that I could wash my body and my cloths.
In the two weekends since the last update Ron has worked away at electrical stuff such as bathroom fans, outside lights and whatnot! I think he was just stalling so he wouldn’t have to do the icky job!! Some of the whatnot included the intercom system and finishing up with speaker wires. He found the light system for the attic which was a huge bonus and the end to the dilemma about what the heck for lighting up there.
This picture shows the intercom wiring on the second floor landing where the phone originally hung.
He did help with all of the poly going up as that is a challenge even with two people. So at this point in time we have the insulation and poly in place for the back porch, pantry, kitchen, 1/2 bath laundry room and the walk out porch. This was a challenge in many areas and it certainly isn’t a perfect seal as even tuck tape has it’s limits of adhesiveness. The attic is also 100% insulated; the second layer from up top was particularly rewarding!! It all lays so nice and not a stitch of sunlight comes up into that space anymore. Better be worth it I crawled around up there with my face in the first layer of insulation and even “fell” into the poly twice!! Fortunately both the poly and I survived but add another roll of tuck tape and more staples to the list!!!
This picture shows the lovely attic insulation.
This image shows the tuck tape (red stuff) used to seal the edges. In this picture one half of it is done and one half of it waits for me to climb up and finish.
The hardwood floor under the tub is now complete as are the last couple of radiator sites. He went ahead and put the sealant on it. It looks really good but alas I didn’t have the camera today so no picture of that.
The last picture is the arrival of the drywall which was of course an adventure in itself. We hired a young couple to do the work; good resume, references and price. Board count done and called in with no problems. Next day arrival which is pretty amazing except I wasn’t on site and they had one issue after another. When I did arrive a few hours later they were still there (after having gone back to the city for a second vehicle). They elected not to carry the drywall down the stairs so instead loaded the drywall onto a smaller truck. They drove it down the east walk out side, unloaded it and then hooked onto it with the bigger truck and pulled it up.
Fortunately it worked because at that moment there was no back up plan.
So now we have piles of drywall in the basement, main floor and second floor. They start putting up the board tomorrow so that is some great progress.
It probably isn’t the most exciting picture but it represents a pretty exciting time for us. The obvious rebuilding phase where for the first while the results will be pretty dramatic.
It was a nice day on Saturday so Claire and her dog Charlie came to visit; complete with the most awesome brownies. Claire stayed to help me by cutting poly strips and pieces of tuck tape and we traded stories. Jackie and Colin stopped in on their “Saskatchewan” holiday to see the progress. Helen provided technical support with fresh buns for lunch on a work day which is such a treat. Greg and Mike Hales come to visit but we weren’t working that Friday evening so missed them. The weather must be breaking as we have more company and have heard the coyotes in the evening.
So not a huge entry but a few words and a few pictures so that should keep everyone happy. And note that all the pictures seem to be the right way up this time. Not sure why I was so lucky tonight. Remember that visits are always welcome as are comments.

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2 Responses to If this was Poker electrical work beats the heck out of insulation

  1. Beverly Pavelich says:

    My heavens!! There is looking like there will be an end in sight!! How exciting!! Thanks for the continued update.
    By spring I hope to make it out. Maybe when I get back from the south during Easter break…before I go back to work. Keep up the amazing work


  2. Cyndi Cunanan says:

    Well, I must say I find the picture with the pile ‘o drywall very exciting! It must be great to be able to “see” the dream a little more. I told Peggy I’d bring her out once the roads are drier (so maybe June?!!!)


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