Electrical Ends (maybe, sort of, soon)

Well the 10 days off flew by as did the following week so finally here is the update. It is already late on Sunday night so might not get all the pictures uploaded as I spent too much time on Facebook looking at and uploading pictures!!
We had a very productive week off and this weekend as well saw a few things getting crossed off the lists. First and foremost we have all of the basement walls, ceilings and strapping done and the electrical status is at 97% complete (2 speaker wires to go). This feels great and has really changed the look of the basement. We also have the proper stairs in place; the correct measurements were perfect. We have done the drywall strapping as you come down the stairs and built out the few little areas that were required for plumbing issues. The cold storage room walls and ceiling are also built. We finally went through the pile of lumber that has been there for quite some time. In fact we actually had to go buy some more 2 x 4’s as well as some 2 x 8’s. We have a few artistic 2 x 8’s that I might use for some curvy art project as they won’t ever work for a wall!!
This picture shows looking up the stairwell with the bathroom on the left side and the mechanical room in behind. It also shows an installed light in the mechanical room; complete with light switch and everything!!!
YIKES it is sideways and it shouldn’t be. 6 attempts later!!! Still the same. Hope you all have good necks.
This picture shows the closet wall (with double pocket doors) as well as the wall between the bedroom and the storage room. It also shows the strapping that we put in place for the drywall. Although this step isn’t mandatory as you can fasten drywall to the ICF walls Ron felt that it was a better option for a number of reasons.
Since the last blog we have completed the thermostat wire (brown), ran the intercom wire (blue), commenced the data wire (blue also) which is phone, fax and computer with only one run left to go on that. I have included a picture of what the lines look like as they come across joist space in the basement. It is quite the organized maze when you also add the regular electrical (white) and the plumbing lines.
Upstairs Spencer and Ron got the bulkheads built for the dining and living rooms. This was necessary to hide plumbing updates. I think in the long run that they will look practically invisible. We will redo the paint designs around them and they will blend in very well. Ron got the pantry wall built and had the great idea of putting a transom window in the doorway there as this is the only room in the house that does not have a window. It will really help in that space and ties in with the historical integrity of the house very well. That executive decision I loved! We also got the sub floor installed in the 3 in floor heat areas. I got much handier with the drill and screws by the end of that and the basement strapping.
The picture isn’t the greatest quality because of back lighting but it does show the plumbing pipes in black and the new wood frame that runs below it.
This shows the transom window looking into the pantry. There wasn’t a wall into that area originally just the sides of the cupboard unit but we decided that walking into the back entrance would look a whole lot better with a wall and door. Hoping to use an old screen door with an oval window. This picks up on the oval door at the front (which we would like to carry over to the other two exterior doors when we replace them).
YIKES 6 attempts later and it is still sideways as well!! Ron to the rescue didn’t even work so again TURN your head!
The remaining radiators arrived from Saskatoon Custom Powder Coat. They look as good as the first ones. They look so good that in fact Spencer didn’t recognize the 2 ugly green ones today and asked where they had come from. I won’t upload a picture as they turned out the same as the previous ones and the pictures don’t do the color justice. We had the moving company move them all upstairs and bring down the ones we won’t be using, It was better their backs than ours especially as they have the tools of the trade.
Martin wasn’t able to return to our job last week (as previously thought) or even this week. Then he leaves for Mexico for 2 weeks and I can only hope we will be his top priority when he gets back. We have had three drywall companies out to take a look; it seems that not all of them get back to you with prices and that they don’t tend to book too far in advance. Our goal was to commence that phase at the beginning of March and the basement plus the one story portion of the main floor will be ready to go. The ceilings on the main and second floor can’t occur until Martin finishes all the lines. We still have to do the bathroom vents, the microwave electrical and vent as well as insulation and poly for the main and second floors. Some can be done before Martin finishes and some of it can’t be. We are slowly working our way down the list and this weekend created a shopping list of items that we will need soon (relatively speaking) such as kitchen counter top, vanities, appliances, showers, etc etc. I also need to get Dale out to refinish underneath the claw foot tub. It needs to go back into place prior to Martin finishing the plumbing which means it also needs to be painted which means I might need some heat up there for both Dale and I.
As you can see the list goes on and on. BUT we have made some great progress so much that Ron is off to the mountains on a 3 day ski trip and I went to a craft retreat last weekend to sew a gift. We are trying to balance the project with all the other items in our life (yes kids I will go get groceries soon!). Hope you enjoyed the sideways tour and that your necks aren’t too crimped. I really don’t get it but I’m not going to fight any longer with it tonight. Next update will probably occur once the drywall commences. Till then stay warm!

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6 Responses to Electrical Ends (maybe, sort of, soon)

  1. Gary Cruikshank says:

    Glad to here of the progress and yu two are still talking to each other. One comment – when you run the compuer lines that close to all the electrical lines does it not cause some interference. Heard that somewhere in the past, I think when we were doing renos at the clinic. Good luck. Gary


  2. Gord and Marian Goodman says:

    I’m glad you two took some time off from the house. I wish we lived closer so we could drop by and get a closer look at your progress. As for the outdoor plumbing, that just adds to the adventure.
    When you get this done you’ll be pros and could come out here and help us do our small reno. Good luck with the rest of it.


  3. Frank Korvemaker says:

    Hi Bernie and Ron:
    I’m quite content, for now, to visit via the internet. This summer Toni and I might do a Saskatchewan vacation. If so, we’ll add your place to the itinerary. All this work reminds me of the two basements that I have renovated, and frankly, I have no interest in going down that road again. But I do like to see what others are doing, and what’s new on the construction market.
    But I am involved with the Bell Barn Project, and that isn’t a whole lot different, except I work with a Board of Directors and our funding source is all donations. So I end up doing more sales pitching than construction. Our website is finally revitalized and back in the land of the living: http://www.bellbarn.ca/ – not that you have time to check out someone else’s website.
    Carry On Carpenters. FRANK


  4. Claire B says:

    Hey everybody,
    the lack of indoor plumbing shouldn’t deter you from visiting. Just don’t have a big drink of anything just before you go out there and don’t bring anything with you to drink. That way you can spend two or three or four hours lending a hand! Bernie and Ron can always use another hand!


  5. kagould17 says:

    So good to make progress during time off. Well done. Allan

    Liked by 1 person

    • bernieLynne says:

      Just re reading these I wonder how the heck we both balanced working! I was full time in the OR and on call at least once per week if not twice. Ron worked long hours at the University. We both played soccer, had friends over for hot tubs and drinks. I do remember how tired I was some days and apparently I didn’t get groceries often enough! Although our daughter often did the grocery runs in those days.

      Liked by 1 person

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