The Plans at Last

I have been saying for a while that I was going to include the plans in a blog so that everyone could get a perspective of the rooms that I talk about on here. Ron’s nephew wanted an aerial view for that perspective as well but I can’t supply that at this moment. I do have a few other updates I can review but first I will show you the “as is” plans for the main and second floor.
We didn’t have as is plans done of the attic; imagine 640 square feet of open space with full size dormer windows on the east, south and west. The basement plans are building plans that show exterior walls, beams and such. They probably wouldn’t interest most of you; I will have to see if I have a scanned copy of Ron’s hand drawn basement (*I have found it very illusive and always seem to have the wrong version with me when we needed to review something so don’t hold your breath).
Meanwhile you will find below two links and they will send you to the pdf files of the main and second floor. The rooms don’t have labels. The main floor I will talk/walk you through. Walking in via the front door leads into the front room with the parlor off to the left of it (which unfortunately on the drawing is to the right). The front room leads to the dining room while the parlor leads to the stairwell. The dining room is graced by one of the two bay windows and on the other side has the door to the small main floor bedroom (which was an office in Herbie’s day but the master bedroom when the second family lived in the house). The kitchen is straight back from the dining room and features the pass through which was once the cupboards. We are leaving that open to take advantage of the light and the views. On either side of the kitchen are two porches. The porch on the right hand side of the plan is our back entrance, the downstairs stairwell and the original pantry (which is the use we plan for it as well). On the other side of the kitchen was an inner and outer porch. As most of you are aware we have made very few changes to the actual floor plan on the main floor but this is the area we did make the change in. We moved the wall by about 8 inches and repositioned the doorway which allowed enough room to have a half bath/laundry room off of the kitchen. That exterior door looks over the walkout and will have some kind of exit down to the patio area.
The second floor is easy as there are four bedrooms and one bathroom with a stair well up and down. The significant change here is that we took the front left and right bedroom on the drawing and opened them up. A weight bearing beam was installed when the load bearing walls were removed and the floor patched. Just inside the left hand door is now a wall across to the exterior wall. There is one door in that wall which leads to our walk in closet within that is a sliding door into our bathroom. Both of these rooms are graced by the windows of the previous bedroom. Our room has the door leading to the balcony (which of course sits as a pile of wood by our fence). Otherwise everything on the second floor is unchanged.
So since the last blog entry we have managed to complete more electrical. I think perhaps I was optimist when I said we were 80% complete last time. I think now we are 90% complete and yet is still goes on and on and on!! We have the attic complete except for the light (small issue), second floor complete except drilling the hole outside for the light on the balcony and the main floor is complete except for the one light on the walk out (it has been a bit chilly for standing on a ladder in the snow). The basement has probably 80% of the wiring complete so the mechanical room is the next challenge plus some simpler items down there. We did the three upstairs thermostat wires today and I am continuing to research a wired intercom system but there are always more calls and questions than answers. Ron is researching the computer/phone line aspect and we are trying to decide on a central vac system so we can get the installation kit and get that in place.
Meanwhile Martin has been back for a few weekends and even a smidgen during the week. He is almost ready to “leave” the mechanical room and start running heat lines (I didn’t have the camera with me today so couldn’t take a picture of the very complex heating system we have going on the mechanical room wall) to the radiators. The radiators all passed their first and second pressure tests (the second one after the sandblasting) so this week will probably be powder coated and ready to pick up. The guys at Saskatoon Custom Powder Coat have been so good to work with in regards to the pressure testing.
Meanwhile when I have a few minutes here or there I continue to pick along at prepping of the plaster cracks and removing more bits and pieces here and there. This is like that song that we starting singing that has no end will I ever complete the plaster removal and preparation? I never seem to have enough time at it plus it is rather boring. I am quite looking forward to the drywall stage and covering things up at this point in time but that would be the cart before the horse. Before that and after Martin finishes running lines we get to insulate and vapour barrier all of the floor joist spaces in the basement.
Also meanwhile, the kitchen cupboards are closer to reality. We haven’t done all our homework yet the paint colors need to be finalized as it is special order. We have made a couple more modifications and I think we are going to be pleased with the look. We have had to modify the lights because of a couple of issues so aren’t resolved there yet what the plan is yet (different issue but same as in the attic need to research more options).
Original Kitchen Design.jpg
This is the original design drawing for the kitchen cupboards we modified them to put the microwave above the stove, put in an appliance garage that faces the same direction as the range and fridge (rather than on an angle) but this does give you a feel for what we will have. It is basically the same set up as the kitchen in our existing house just backwards and a tad smaller.
So those of you that are addicted to pictures will have to settle for drawings as I have no new pictures to add. Our camera had a little issue. The scanner is having a small issue right now so there is no basement drawing to share. And it is of course; late Sunday night so I am not fighting with it. Interestingly enough I haven’t had an issues with the blog entry or uploading the PDF files and I have the spell check worked out so there is some positives. I hope everyone is able to view the pdf files (let me know if there are issues) and that you realize once you double click on the drawing to get in that a double click will get you out.
So that is this weeks entry. Starting Friday Ron and I both have 10 days off so we hope to make some serious progress. Will make sure to do another round of pictures towards the end of the week and give you all a visual tour of what’s new then. Till then, take care and stay warm.

Download file
Download file

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2 Responses to The Plans at Last

  1. Gary Cruikshank says:

    Hey everything worked this time. It’s not that BCer’s are challenged. Everything makes more sense now and pictures will make more sense as well. Had a lot more snow Sat. and more forcast and is also the coldest it has been all winter. The good news they started excavating for the road last week but had to stop because of insurance issues. Supposed to start up again today. as each day goes on it keeps looking like we will be living in our fifth wheel this summer. Only time will tell. Keep up the good work, sound like the 10 days will be a good addition.
    Gary and Cheryl


  2. Michele says:

    Wow, It looks incredible. You’ve come a long way since I last checked it out.


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