One “Blog” Year later

January 10, 2008
It has been one year since our first entry on the blog site so I thought it would be very appropriate to update it a year later. There have been some slow times were it felt like not much happened but when you look at a year’s worth of progress it is pretty significant. We have made some “homesteading ” progress; we have a road, lights, heat, water (OK a holding tank for water not a well) and a house. If this was 90 years ago we would be living in it and happy that we had shelter and the basic necessities. We are a tad spoiled though nowadays and would like to have functioning toilets, plug ins and heat in all rooms before we move in. We have learned a lot about the house and it’s history, the challenges and costs of moving an “old girl” as the moving guys called her and a bit about time management. There never seems to be enough hours in any given day or week but by having short and long term lists we eventually will reach our goals (number 1 goal of course is to live in the house at this point in time don’t even bother to ask about the budget!!!)
We wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate how far we’ve come so we issued a “5 Month Progress Open House” invitation; complete with a few Christmas goodies and our infamous homemade alcoholic eggnog. We had a few repeat visitors back to see progress plus many friends who have been trying to make it out for 5 months! We would be remiss if we didn’t say thank yous to Claire for the fudge, Ruth for the chocolates, Margaret for the shortbread and Peggy for the tarts. The bottles of wine, courtesy of Blaine & Jackie and Jane & Scott will be held in reserve for our “official” moved in open house.
Our Christmas spread on our temporary banquet table!! A good time was enjoyed by all.
Yes that date is definitely getting closer; in fact we can say for sure that it will be in 2008! We have even pinned it down too spring which is Ron’s version or mine which is between Easter and May long weekend. When I look at the long list of items to research, decide and implement I think that it is a good thing spring ends on June 21st because we might need every day that we can get.
Back to the more short term and the updates of what we accomplished over the Christmas holidays and since my last real blog update (where I understand that I sounded a bit testy about the darn photos you have no idea how crazy the program was that night!)
We had the radiators picked up from Saskatoon Custom Powder Coat and delivered to the house. They look fabulous.
Since my last entry I have been many places and looked at radiators in the city; including the Rumley building and the Bottomley House (very nice house just outside the Memorial Gates by RUH thanks Dennis and Lou for the tour). I posted a WANTED advertisement on Kijijii Saskatoon and got 2 “hits”; one was in Holdfast and one just west of Outlook. So off we want to Outlook and picked up 7 (yes 7!!) radiators all in one style that matches one of our existing. It was a great find and worth a trip in the middle of a storm warning!! And interesting tidbit; the people we bought them from knew Herbie’s brother George and attended Herbie’s major auction sale (that’s a story for another day though).
Spencer positioning the radiator in the Homestade Construction Trailer (thanks again Stephen).
Martin has been back several times and has accomplished a significant amount. The mechanical room is starting to fill up. He also completed the three areas of “staple up” which is a more proper term for in floor heat under existing wood floors. Alyssa and her dad took the hardwood out of the remaining porch area before Martin got started on the staple up. We will need to confirm locations of which radiator to which location so that he can proceed with running the lines to those locations. We have also ordered most of our bathroom fixtures. Martin seems to think our time line is a bit “tight” for May long weekend but we think sometime in the spring is do able.
“Staple up” is indeed stapled up to the underside of the existing floor; above it we add sub floor and tile for a toasty warm feeling.
Alongside all the water lines you will see a whole host of electrical lines.
Ron, Spencer and I are also making progress in that department at this point we are probably about 80% complete the electrical works. Pulling electrical lines has been a bit challenging on our hands and Ron’s vocabulary but at least we mostly answer the questions we end up asking and move forward. The attic will prove to be a bit challenging as will the stair well light but then we move to the basement and that will be pretty straight forward. We still have thermostat wires, intercom (*once I figure out where to source one from), smoke detector lines and phone/computer lines.
Ron and I have meet with our kitchen cabinet “maker” twice; once on site for measurements and discussions and once to pick out door styles and material. We were given our homework list by Floyd and it includes sizes of appliances, color options for the L portion of the kitchen, door and drawer pull styles from Lee Valley and a couple of other items. I am still trying to figure out how to post the pdf file with the drawing that he sent us (but 2 minutes ago when I tried it I got kicked out and had to retype this paragraph so I’m not trying it again tonight). So we are making some progress on that aspect. No luck in Calgary with the soap stone company but we took an extensive look at Marian and Gord’s and it would work very well. We also checked out their counter height and the butcher block. We definitely decided to go with the butcher block for the island and in fact I picked it up today. It spent the first few decades of it’s life as a portion of the King George bowling alley! With a bit of cutting and sanding it will spend a few decades at our house. I am hoping that the whooping price of $10 for it will make the soap stone a reality.
That’s all for tonight. Hope that you enjoy the update and the pictures all work this time.
PS There is apparently some “issues” with the comment button. Hit the comment button and four fields will pop up. Fill in your name, email address and your comment. You don’t need to fill in the URL spot blank. Hit the POST button and it will pop into another screen that will tell you that your comment has been received and will be reviewed. I then go “inside” the blog site and review the comments and then hit publish so that everyone can see them. This keeps the site secure from junk emails.

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8 Responses to One “Blog” Year later

  1. Beverly Pavelich says:

    Incredible what you have done in a year. Hard to believe how they built these houses from scratch 100 years ago ad they are still durable and beautiful today. One day I will get out to see but so enjoy the blog. Thanks for the update and your hard work.
    Happy New Year


  2. Ruth Speiser says:

    Bernie – thanks so much for all your work keeping us “snoopes” up to date on the house. It already is looking so much better than when it first was moved to its new location. I thoroughly enjoy every write up and picture. Thanks again for keeping this blog.


  3. Gordon Bacon says:

    Someday I will make the time to come out to personally inspect the work, and I think I do appreciate how much work that this project would be.
    (Gordon owns an old house in Winnipeg and now also an old cabin so he does know how much work it is. Bernie)


  4. Rey LaRocque says:

    O.K. Now you are really hitting the sites! (the old k.g. bowling alley?)
    We will MOST definitely come out for a tour and look see at all the blood, sweat and tears (not in that order most days I’m sure) in the summer when we head back to S’toon for more than just a day or two!
    Take care and I love getting the updates… I KNOW if we were still in S’toon I’d be in there with you like a dirty shirt!! Not sure what you’d let me do, but I’d be there anyway!


  5. Pamela Rudolf says:

    Hi B and R,
    It looks amazing! Can hardly wait to see it with my own eyes. Planning a trip out ‘in the spring’.
    Love, Pam


  6. gary cruikshank says:

    Hi Bernie, Ron and family,
    I wanted to congratulate you on the progress and all the work that the family is doing. Hope all the relationships survive! Wish we could be there to help as you know this would be right up my alley. The job and holidays just interfere, just got back from Mexico yesterday and really enjoyed that. Weather a little cool at times but beat ours at home. Have had a lot of snow this year but has not been cold.
    I was unable to open or receive the pictures from the Dec. 18th, 10th and 7th updates. Received all others so surprised they were not present. We are planning on coming to Sask. this summer but have not arranged a date. will have to look at this soon though, have to plan around all the Haney happenings. Hope all is well and good luck on the project.
    Gary and Cheryl


  7. kagould17 says:

    That repainted rad does indeed look fabulous. Great that you found some more rads for your restore. Allan

    Liked by 1 person

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