In Random Order

I think in Random Order is actually an oxymoron but I am sticking with it as this blog’s title. It has been a fairly long time since I have done much of an update so wanted to include a few of the things that have been happening that have corresponding pictures (I get it people more pictures less talk).
The kitchen ceiling has lost the chimney hole, at long last. The chimney will be rebuilt from the kitchen attic space.
This shows the space from above with the new plumbing lines (the area without ceiling is the back entry and pantry).
If you recall Spencer and I spent a weekend in the basement changing the grade level. Then Mike from Melby Plumbing arrived and did the rough in plumbing so the basement was ready for the next step which was infloor heat. The first picture shows the rough in stage the ground was a bit “tough” to dig up (probably from the bobcat) so there was a bit of sweat going on there but finally it was ready for inspection. (NOTE: in the right hand corner of the picture there is a huge pile of gravel)
We did the smart thing and hired some young men to help out with the moving of the gravel around the basement. As well as moving it we also had to level it, tamp it down and dig out the final spot by hand (the part where we had previously piled the gravel). Although this picture isn’t super good quality you can see that the pile of gravel is gone.
The next step is the insulation and the poly. You will note that we are about half done here (that was where we got to the first night so it required a second evening (we lost a couple of helpers for the second go around though!) so that it was then ready for the final phase.
The final stage was for Martin from Air Stream Mechanical to come in and put down the in floor lines. Although it might look like a maze there is order to it all as there are different zones for temperature control.
That temporary wall is where our boiler will hang you can see the zone in and out lines.
We (being us, Mike and Martin) completed our stages on September 29th. I am happy to say, that at long last, Scott from Excel Construction finally showed up on Friday to pour the concrete. Let’s just say his time line didn’t really match ours and leave it at that!!! I’m sorry that there are no pictures of our pristine concrete floor but they haven’t been uploaded from the camera yet.
While we were waiting for the basement slab we commenced work on the garage slab. I don’t think we will get the building up but we got the trench in and the services in for the shop. We borrowed forms from VCM Contractors and Engineers Ltd. and a laser level to make life slightly easier. Here you can see the engineer hard at work in the planning phases so please, don’t interrupt him!.
We used a bobcat for the first 10 yards of base gravel but then due to space constraints WE (this would sort of be the royal we as it was mostly me with a bit of shoveling help from Ron and Mike Hales) moved the remaining 15 yards in by hand. While I was shoveling Claire was raking and Ron was tamping. This occurred last weekend.
This weekend we laid down the poly and the rebar. The royal WE here is that Ron did the hauling, cutting and bending of the rebar and all I did was tie it (well for several hours each day but I escaped the heavy duty back breaking job of bending and cutting so I was happy to tie for hours at a time!!!) Again there are no pictures of this part as they haven’t been uploaded yet but we did a mighty fine job!
So for the most part that brings you up to date on the basement, utilities and garage. I believe I kept it fairly short (a mere 750 words with 11 pictures) winded so in exchange for that you all get to leave comments! On the next entry I am going to try and show some of the room plans; specifically the kitchen.

PS I guess the order wasn’t as random as I thought it was going to be the first two pictures are a bit random and then after that there is actually a time line to the story. Well, I am a log cabin kind of quilter and an OR nurse; things in order actually work well for me.

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12 Responses to In Random Order

  1. ap says:

    Nice to see the progress, make sure to call on me when the sewing room upstairs is ready to work in!!!


  2. Beverly Pavelich says:

    A very interesting post…less talk more action…shots! Every time I see these,it makes me want to come for a drive and see it. Soon, I hope!
    Nice the weather is holding….it is coming amazing. I’m amazed at what there is to do!! Heated floors….Wow!!
    Great work ….thanks for the updates. Beverly


  3. Lynette says:

    Hi Bernie
    I bet you are glad for this nice weather. I hope we can keep it for your sake. I love the pictures and read ALL the words! I just appreciate being able to see what is happening because as you know, we live soooo far away!


  4. Peter Rudolf says:

    You guys are amazing!
    Where do you get the energy????


  5. Frank Korvemaker says:

    Hi Bernie:
    You asked this question: ” It was almost a year to the date that I first talked with Sask Energy about service <> wonder how long it will be for the bill to arrive.” I’d give them three weeks at most.
    What a challenge; but what a reward at the end. Keep up the good work. I enjoy your regular updates. FRANK


  6. Megan says:

    Awesome you all. You both will need a holiday when it is finished to recooperate. Oh but you will relax and enjoy the wonderous view that you have in your remodeled master piece.


  7. Deana says:

    Well, I am sure glad that I live 3.5 hours away and am not in school anymore. I assume that if I was still there, I would be painstaking labor or at least the cookie maker…I do miss you guys and look forward to seeing all the progress when I get up there. Maybe I will even bring some cookies for you and everyone else.


  8. Gary and Cheryl says:

    Hi Bernie and Ron,
    Good thing you guys are a lot younger than us then we can understand how you get all this work done. Hope you take the odd nite off and just relax. Thanks for the continued updates and progress reports, it looks like things are coming together nicely and I know it will be slow when you attempt to do a lot of the work yourselves. Wish we were closer so we could help out periodically, maybe next spring.
    Hope this finds everyone healthy and good luck on the continued construction.
    Gary and Cheryl.


  9. kagould17 says:

    Construction progress always seems slow to start, but doing it right the first time is the only way to get finished. Thanks for sharing. Allan

    Liked by 1 person

    • bernieLynne says:

      Allan, as I was relatively new to blogging, crazy busy working for full time at work and on the house I can see an issue right there – I actually had 8 comments and did not reply to a single one of them. Oh and learn and seems the house blog was first and foremost a diary I will cut myself some slack. Thanks for stopping in, reading and commenting! Oh and it reminded me now complex I found it back then to upload photos which seems weird now.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. kagould17 says:

    Amazing how much we can accomplish, even when we are busy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • bernieLynne says:

      In fact sometimes the busier you are the better for getting stuff done because of motivation and a tight time line. Or so it seems to me now that I have a more flexible schedule. Thanks again for reading all these posts and commenting!

      Liked by 1 person

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