Red Letter Day for One Reason

At long last the gas line has arrived no one was around too see it happen but low and behold there it was. A long line of slighly turned sod across the prairie and a new slope by the back door. The gas line is ready for a meter and then we can proceed with some heat. Which will be nice as the weather has certainly taken a turn towards fall. It was almost a year to the date that I first talked with Sask Energy about service wonder how long it will be for the bill to arrive.
Otherwise it would have been a “grumpy” day as the rain meant that many other things weren’t happening today or maybe tomorrow. We are still waiting for our basement slab to be poured which in turn means that our plumbing and mechanical guys are in the wings waiting. In turn we are waiting to put the doors and window in the walk out so that the weather proofing is complete (*although Ron is going to have to do a temporary fix on the chimney hole his long term plan is to rebuild it but the short term solution has a fairly signficant rain drip from it). It also means that our garage pad probably won’t be ready for pouring after this weekend as the weather means that the gravel truck won’t come and the bobcat will have issues. Of course we can always hope for sunshine and wind tomorrow to dry it all up.
Wind and rocks are something we have lots of hard to take pictures of the wind and the rock pile picture I can’t seem to locate so those of you who are only into the blog site for the pictures will have to be sadly disappointed. (Will post this picture as soon as Claire sends it to me really I don’t know that I lost it maybe she forgot to send it!!)
I have included pictures of our tailgate (thanks Mike from Melby Plumbing for the perfectly placed truck) “pit” party when we burned some of our lathe and had a few drinks while the geese flew overhead. Thanks to Claire for having her camera handy to take some pictures with.


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3 Responses to Red Letter Day for One Reason

  1. Claire B says:

    I’ll send you the rock pile picture again if you want…:-)


  2. Megan says:

    Looks like fun, just need the hunters to shoot the geese to supply to food for the roasting. LOL, glad to hear you have gas… I’m sure there is a treatment for the problem but a meter to measure it.. BERNIE.
    Hopefully see you on the weekend and have a first hand look. Keep up the good work.


  3. Deana says:

    Your first weiner roast out at the house, I am sad that I missed it. Good to hear that things are moving along, even if it is at a turtle’s pace. Can’t wait to see the progress when I get up there in November.


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