The Picture Week

I have, apparently, been a little long winded and haven’t included enough pictures! Imagine that. They do say that a picture is worth a thousand words but they never had to upload the file that took forever when they coined that saying. But here goes; a few random pictures to show some progress and some highlights.
PS Bet nobody remembers the last time I said that little! Enjoy the pictures. Keep the tours and the comments coming.

This is a picture of the weatherproofing and trim boards that I have spoken about. Amazing to have new wood primed white on the house. Below that is the concrete board with the mesh at the begining stages of attachment. Since then we have finished applying it and Ron has done the first coat of all parging and the finish coat of about 2/3 of the house. Spencer backfilled to that point today.
Doing reserach into radiator refinishing right now as well as deciding which size and type of style will go where. Between the radiators and the infloor heat it sounds like a very energy efficient system with a small size high power boiler to go with it.
Our new bedroom, ensuite and walk in closet. You can see where we removed the closet walls and will have to patch the floor in those spots. We have found a old glass door for the balcony, which will let even more light in. It was hard to tear up that hardwood in our bathroom but the in floor heat will be awesome in the winter. Imagine a walk in closet with a window!
The clawfoot tub which will, of course, be returning to the main bath. It will not even require refinishing on the inside but we will have to paint the outside. There is also an original hanging sink which we will reuse. I think our match of the style available today will work quite well with the existing.
land 010.jpg
The stairwell with the beautiful pristine wood work. We are lucky that the original wood work is in such incredible shape as are the hardwood floors. You can also note in this picture the paint details on the wall. The dining room, front room and parlor all have quite striking features (which we will salvage or replicate)
davidson 011.jpg
This is such a fabulous attic with pretty amazing Saskatchewan views from all 3 dormers windows. This space impresses everyone except our mothers who think we are crazy!

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13 Responses to The Picture Week

  1. L Swystun says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your home adventure. Truly inspiring. Bravo! -Lenore


  2. Peggy Sarjeant says:

    Hi Bernie,
    Thanks for the pictures. Now I know why you were asking about my radiators. What a beautiful radiator you have there!
    I remember now that the contractors took some of our radiators away to be repainted, when we were doing our addition eons ago. I assume they were sandblasted or waterblasted and then painted but I don’t really know. I also saw the owner of the rental property next door to me hauling out some of his radiators to be refinished. They would have been about the same age as your radiators.


  3. Janice says:

    Fantastic pictures/updates!
    Thank you for keeping us so informed – where/when do you find the time?
    Job description #143 of How to be a Good Mother:
    If you tell your children they are crazy – you must give them a big hug to let them know they are loved regardless! (….and remind them that they take after their Father’s side of the family!)


  4. Sandra England says:

    You’re not crazy – you’re just incredibly energetic and focused on renovating (re-creating?) a gem of a house on a fantastic site. Maybe a little eccentric. Keep on blogging – it’s wonderful to watch the progress from the comfort of my computer desk.
    Good luck!


  5. Gordon Bacon says:

    Looks a lot like the Burns house (in Ogema) including the attic space. Big job but stuff that will be rewarding to do.


  6. Doreen Patterson says:

    Very interesting project. I do enjoy the pictures, by the time I see it, it should be finished.
    Love Doreen


  7. Anonymous says:

    WOW, you two are on a mission. When you complete this project it will be AWESOME, just like the owners who took an idea and made it come to life. Megan


  8. Lesley Avant says:

    Thanks for keeping me in the loop on your incredible undertaking. Part of me is with your Moms – you are crazy!! But the other half of me is really jealous – what a fabulous and rewarding adventure.


  9. Gary and Cheryl says:

    Things are progressing nicely, I wish you were here and could work at Haney Heritage Village, we have lots of projects you could both work on. If I didn’t have a job (2 in fact), I would come out and help as you know I love that kind of work. Keep up the good work and maybe we will get out next year.


  10. Victoria Neufeldt says:

    Your project is amazing and you’ve actually done it. I can’t imagine undertaking something like that, with moving the house and all. By the way, are you putting hardwood over the in-floor heating? I am planning an addition to my house — a bedroom and ensuite bath (not sure right now if I can swing it…). I want a bedroom on the main floor. I would like to put in in-floor heating in the bedroom as well as the bathroom. I’ve been thinking of bamboo for the bedroom floor, because I understand that it’s more stable than hardwood and could withstand the temperature changes. Any words of wisdom from your experience?
    As you will have noticed, I haven’t made it out there for a visit yet. I will try again for next week, if any day that week would suit you. I’ll see if I can interest another couple of people too. Maybe Claire and Peggy, if they haven’t come out yet… That way, when I get lost, I won’t be alone!


  11. Gladys says:

    Bernie and Ron…
    Wow I am not sure where you find the energy and time to accomplish this. I hope to come out soon as it was only by fire (lighter) that we saw the house. Keep the pictures coming including any sunsets.


  12. kagould17 says:

    I lived in a couple of prairie homes with attics, as a kid. Something neat about that and the views. The one near Gladstone, Manitoba was less great, as I would often awake to snow or frost on my quilt in the morning. As a 6 year old, I did not think too much about it. Good farm homes with modern heating and insulation would have been nice then and are definitely a necessity now. Cheers. Allan

    Liked by 1 person

    • bernieLynne says:

      I grew up in a “modern house”/same exact era as me and we often had snow drifts on the window sills. Building envelopes have come a LONG way since we were young. Yes the view from the attic is fabulous. Thanks for continuing to read along and comment. As I said yesterday I go back to see what the post is about and enjoy thinking about those times.

      Liked by 1 person

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