A 1950’s (?) View of the House

We have recieved 2 seperate sets of historical pictures. The first set came from the second family to live in the house and date from the 1940’s or so. They are all in black and white but give good views of the verandah and balcony. The second set came via the auction company in Davidson (thanks to Jan from Manz Auctioneers) and are from the era of the third family. I have chose to post a winter view from that era as it shows in color the siding and has a nice view of the front and side of the house.
At the back of the house there is the well house > similiar in design to the rail station water towers. It was there during the occupancy of the second family as well so one can presume it was possibly there from the begining. When we purchased the house it was still present but was tore down before we had a chance to salvage any siding or trim pieces that might have matched.
We could tell from one of the other pictures that the shingles were at one point in time green. Wondering if they would have used linseed oil like the rail stations did.
It is wonderful to have this pictures as it gives us (and our blog readers) an idea of what our final look will be similiar to.

winter view late 50's.jpg

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5 Responses to A 1950’s (?) View of the House

  1. Peggi Holmes says:

    Hi have been enjoying your house blog. Where have you guys gotten all your energy from this summer?


  2. Sue Barrett says:

    I have enjoyed reading about all your house adventures.


  3. gary cruikshank says:

    If this is the finished product then it will be worth the effort and you will have something to be proud of. Keep up the good work. If you need the name of a psychiatrist before completion let me know.
    Gary C.


  4. kagould17 says:

    I can see why you fell in love with this house. She is a beauty and well worth saving. Allan


    • bernieLynne says:

      Thanks Allan — we felt the same way the first time we saw her. She needed some love, attention and our disposable income but well worth it.
      She looks small in that photo with the trees and the background buildings but here she stands out so tall!

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