A Little Backtracking

After doing the initial entry about the Delivery Adventure I finally scanned the map of the trip from Davidson to our land. Initially I was going to add it to the original blog but if you are keeping up to date with our activites you might not backtrack and see it so I decided a new short entry was the answer. The title was easy: backtracking in the blog as well as backtracking down the delivery road. While we didn’t actually backtrack we did go every direction more than once!!
Obvioulsy, the arrows show the route while the X’s show the original proposed route that we detoured from while in transit. The final approach shows us coming from the east side of our property and up the hill > in reality we came from the west but at that point I never changed the map and didn’t remember until after I had scanned it. The little house on the map shows the first over night spot in the pasture near Kenaston (near the @ 282). We were stuck at the #31 (to the east of Hanley on the map and marked with a vertical line).The second night’s spot wasn’t marked but it was at the junction of highway 16 and 2 near Colonsay. The two circles on the map (near Meacham and St. Denis) are the spots that we found flooded and previously flooded this spring. Obviously Sask Power allowed those changes to the route prior to the departure; with the first one sending us north down another sketchy road (the one that Andy sent part of the crew ahead to check out) and the second one we skirted to the south and ended up quite near St. Denis. The route there isn’t really clear on the scanned copy.

close up view of route.jpg

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1 Response to A Little Backtracking

  1. Cyndi Cunanan says:

    Oi! That was quite the route.
    Thanks again for the tour, Bernie. Going home we took the “easy” way on the highway to Wakaw. If we come out again we’ll be sure to bring some cool ones.


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