Restoration/Demolition Progress to Date

Well the house has been on site now for 10 days and it has been pretty much non stop activity out there. We have had a few surprises but nothing too scary too date. We’ve had a couple surprises that have increased our work load but that’s why a good project manager doesn’t commit to a firm move in date.
So far on Ron’s list of To Do’s he has:
 Repaired the fascia using salvaged boards
 Repaired the exterior sill plate on 3 sides using salvaged boards
 Sistered all joists underneath that were in need of a little help
 Exposed the underside of the bay windows and sistered some joists there
 Fixed the back door; complete with a functioning lock (I found the key onto of a door jam behind the trim in a completely different room)
 Temporarily fixed the walk out door (with particle board; it’s a sight)
 Fixed the joists, subfloor and door sill of the above noted area
 Applied eavsetroughing on two sides with downspouts
Bernie’s work to date has included removing the plaster and lathe:
 100% complete in the dining room with some help there by Terry Kikcio who took down the particle board
 100% complete in the parlor
 90% complete in the front room with help by Alyssa (she thought removing plaster and lathe was fun so I didn’t persuade her otherwise but I suspect after 3 or 4 hours of it she would have figured that out)
 100% complete in the kitchen with help on the ceiling from Spencer and Michael Hales and Terry Kikcio. I did the walls as well in this room and we removed the existing cupboards
 old inner porch (to become the laundry room/half bath) 80% complete with the talents of Michael Hales
 Michael (who earned his money this weekend) commenced the small upstairs bedroom but found the surprise there. Approximately 6 feet of insulation in the walls up to the attic so this room is about 70% complete. We are trying to decide our options > industrial shop vacuum type or leave it in place). We will try to find out what kind of R value it has (if any).
 The kitchen, pantry and back porches are only one level and in the small attic there is insulation. We knew this from removing the chimney. This is a tight space and so I have removed 8 large bags and 4 medium bags of insulation to date. It all has to come down to be able to remove the plaster and lathe in those rooms so that we can redo the wiring, put up vapor barrier and insulate with a better R value product. So today when it was 34 outside I was in the attic with one small hole for light spending some quality time with my house!!!
 Also have removed the bottom two rows of siding to facilitate the placement of the exterior sill plate. As as an awesome aside we obtained a picture of the house in the 1940’s (?). I was in contact with the daughter of the second owner and she came for a tour with her daughters, granddaughter and son in laws. It was very interesting to chat with her and listen to her reminiscences. I will scan that photo and post it here soon.
Spencer’s work (in exchange for free rent this month) has included:
 Removal of the exposed pipes
 Demolition of the floor and subfloor in the back porch
 Assisting with the eavsetroughing as necessary
 Some lathe removal (with bronchitis it is a bit tough to remove plaster due to the dust)
 Walk out excavation continues and is about 75% complete
 North west side of walk out line and slope achieved
There are pictures of some of this but none of them are uploaded and it’s late again. At least I did manage to accomplish both entries in one night > otherwise I was going to end up getting very far behind in the story. Thanks for your comments. We enjoyed our As Is party and have left the invitation on the books for a tour (have had a few people take us up on that which is great as it means a break from work and a chance to look out the windows and admire the wood work!). Remember though that the first tour is free but the second one either costs you in labor or cold beverages (thanks Greg and Janice for the nice cold drinks today).
PS A special thanks to Marian and Gord who showed up, all the way from Calgary, for their first tour with cold beer on a hot day. It was great to see them and drink their beer!! Gord even left the cooler so we could keep cold ones on hand!!


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2 Responses to Restoration/Demolition Progress to Date

  1. Georgina says:

    I didn’t know that we could “volunteer” to help! I will fit it in somewhere!


  2. Beverly Pavelich says:

    Bernie, this makes surgery look easy. Where are your safety googles??
    Thanks for all the undates. The photos of the early house are great.
    Hope to find time to fit in a visit soon.


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