Whirlind of Activity Leads up to D Day

It has been quite the whirlwind since the last blog entry of July 6th. Since that last entry we have accomplished a lot and tomorrow is Delivery Day if the weather cooperates. There have been a number of items that required our attention once the house was off its original foundation plus some final preparation work at the land.
Picking up from the last blog entry I returned to Davidson bright and early on Friday am to witness the sliding of the house across onto the transport dollies. Imagine my disappointment to pull into the yard at 9:00 and find that already accomplished!! The weather forecast was for hot temperatures again so Andy’s work crew wanted the hardest part of their day done before the temperature’s hit the high 20’s hence the early start. The move across had stressed the bones of the house a bit more than we had hoped for and some additional internal jacking was required for the front two rooms. With that accomplished and a few last minute instructions for me the crew took off for the weekend.
I spent a small portion of the afternoon in Davidson doing research at the Davidson Leader into the house history. I found information out about the original family that built the house and the 2 families that lived their subsequently. I also have a couple of leads on acquiring an early photo of the house.
Back in Saskatoon the reality was more equipment and supplies for the weekend. Helping out again was Peter Royer of Precision Landscaping and the use of his bobcat for the weekend. Spencer spent two very long days moving dirt for the walk out basement and ensuring that the moving crew had access to all four sides. Late this afternoon we also cleaned up the construction mess and organized the wood in the basement and in the “come to our place for a really big bonfire pile”. Breze spent the afternoon doing her share of digging as a gopher hole seemed very intriguing and she dug a hole larger than her own body!! Maxi spent the afternoon reclining in the shade. Ron and I spent the afternoon putting up the last of the vapor barrier on the exterior walls. This was completed after he purchased a sawsall (thanks Sundogs Soccer team for the coach’s gift certificate as we put it to good use) to cut off the anchor bolts.
That brings me to the other reason for the sawsall. On Saturday Ron and I spent a fairly big chunk of the day at the house in Davidson doing foundation work. Bracing at the end of the joists was installed as was strapping along the underside. We completed, not easily, the removal of the original sill plate and the concrete. Now we have to go early tomorrow morning and use the sawsall to notch the new joists that we have to sister to some of the old split ones. We also have to pull all the nails out from the sill plate area which could be the next big challenge.
Thursday afternoon during “Miller” time we discussed the route with Andy. There are still a couple of issues that we are trying to sort out so lets hope all goes well with the Sask Power workers tomorrow. In addition we need decent weather so let’s hope this warm dry spell lasts another day. Ron and I are going to spend the day driving along with the house as it winds its way to our land. Another pdf idea is to put the route on the blog site > we are traveling south, north, east and west to get to the final destination.


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2 Responses to Whirlind of Activity Leads up to D Day

  1. Jacquie Anderson says:

    WOW! I hope to be able to see that house moving. It is such a huge project to undertake. I admire your ambition. I’m thinking about you as it’s drizzling outside and I suspect that the move will have to be delayed. I’ll keep checking your blog. Good luck!


  2. Claire B says:

    That is one gorgeous house!
    Hope the little bit of rain this AM doesn’t stop the trek.


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