Excitement mixed with a dash of Trepidation

Prive Moving Co. rolled into Davidson around 10:30 on July 5th as promised. It was amazing too watch for the next 7 hours as they completed phase 1 and 2 of the house move. Phase 1, according to Andy Prive, was to jack up the house with Phase 2 being the steel beam placement.
Ron and I both had some more prep work to do once Andy arrived but he was pleased with his access to the east and west wall of the house. It wasn’t long before we had company to watch. The Davidson Leader reporter showed up for the story and while receiving the house tour the lift started to occur. It is a rather unsettling sensation to be standing in a big old house that seems solid but all of a sudden has a significant tilt to one side.
Five hydraulic jacks were placed near the west wall and up went that side of the house. And up and up and up as you will see in the picture. There was a significant slant to it as they prepared to put the steel beam in from the north end of the house. The truck backed up with the steal beam on a hoist and Andy directed it into place. The house was then lowered onto it.
The same procedure was repeated on the east side of the house. More loud creaks and groans and grass were suddenly visible from all four sides of the house. There were a couple of minor issues getting that beam into place but nothing stumps that work team for long. It was lowered onto the beam.
Some of the equipment was then packed up by part of the crew (there is Andy and a 3 man crew) while the fourth worker soaped (yes you read that right) every inch of the sliding beam with zest. Using the crane truck they slide that beam on the south wall of the foundation. Some of the north wall was prepped and tomorrow morning they will slide it in and then the house will roll onto the dollies.
After we shared a semi cold beer with Andy and his crew (the temperature was high 20’s all day so one of my jobs was to secure some cold beer for the end of the day but I misjudged by an hour so it had warmed up somewhat) Ron and I got down to more work. On the east and west side of the house the sill plate had not let go (as it was securely fastened to the siding) as well that had secured in the concrete that doesn’t go with the house to its new home. There were also light cords to get rid of as well as bits of lathe. Although we didn’t quite finish up we got a good start on it. We will also have to cover the basement doorway with a sheet of plywood and fasten a covering for the basement chimney hole as the dust from the gravel doesn’t need an open invitation to venture in > apparently it will do well enough even with openings covered! Oh well the house isn’t all that clean right now.
So right now we on schedule and will keep you all posted. Taking the video camera tomorrow to see if we can capture the slide over. I have now included a few pictures.
PS Thanks to Gary Cruikshank for noting that there seemed to be no comment spot > I have reviewed the site and found a little button I needed to click so you can add those comments.


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3 Responses to Excitement mixed with a dash of Trepidation

  1. Jacquie Anderson says:

    Hi Bernie,
    I thought there was something wrong that I was doing that I couldn’t find where to leave a comment. Go figure! I’m enjoying the reading. I’ve never seen a house being moved so I’m getting a pretty good visual with your details. Way to go!


  2. kagould17 says:

    I’ve always marveled at these heavy moves. I imagine it was a fair bit more nerve wracking when you were the one paying for it, though. Thanks for sharing. Allan

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