Two Steps Forward and One Step Sideways

It has been a busy couple of weeks since we last updated the blog site. Let’s start on the two steps forward, glass half full side as it is infinitely more pleasant to talk about.
Two Steps Forward would be the amount of work we got done once the sun shone and we dug out (literally) from the 4 ½ inches of weekend rain. It is a very long trench and worthy of a photo except we kept forgetting to take the camera. We were busy preparing for our “beam” party that we held on Friday June 22nd. Wonderful work crew of friends and family (Spencer, Alyssa and Mitch; Greg, Brian and Michael Hales, Gary Dalton, Lorne and Helen (she is a superb pizza delivery person) who worked extremely hard to get the steel I beam in place as well as the four tech lam beams. Lots of ingenuity as well as a lot of brute strength plus some prayers from Helen and Dorothy got the beams into place. Pictures will follow at some point as Greg Hales remembered his camera (thanks Greg) so we do have some photos of the human cranes! We also got a good portion of the sill plate on as well as straightening the walk out wall and ensuring it was secured well into the concrete this time.
The road got graveled (although it still remains rather soft in spots) and we made a few more phone calls and stepped up a little, or so we hope, in the line for the assorted services that we need.
On the One Step Sideways side would be the actual moving of the house. It appears that to expedite the move, Privie Building Movers needs us to check out the route. This is 10 large pages of grid maps, complete with all power line routes, as well as 2 little pages (that actually equal the big pages but just can’t be read). Bernie consulted with three different Sask Power reps from the various areas that the route took and learned of one issue. Ron traced this route on our Sask Grid Map and Sunday afternoon we headed out on our jaunt. Thinking that following from the current site to our land made sense we headed to Davidson. We also wanted to show Ron’s mom (who is visiting for Alyssa’s high school graduation) the house.
As an aside she was shocked at the terrible condition the house was in! She was also shocked by Spencer’s blue hair and that didn’t even turn our eyes.
Back to the tour highlights which I believe might be not really highlights but exclamation marks. We drove around 300 kilometers of gravel road and discovered one flooded road and 2 previously flooded roads with water still lapping up the sides and extremely soft road conditions. Not exactly the “right environment” for a 50 to 60 tonne wide load!!! Hence the exclamation marks. We drove all four directions to get to our property from Davidson which seems amazing as does the length of the trip. It took us over 3 hours to drive it and we weren’t hauling a house but with all the corners and directions traveled it is very time consuming. It would seem that it would take the house significantly longer but Andy thinks it can be done in one day.
The “issue” that we had heard about earlier is quite easily traversed (easy for us to say when we aren’t driving the truck loaded with the house on it) as we go in a farmers house approach and out his side yard. The Saskatoon district Sask Power rep has already obtained permission for this to occur.
Further consultation with the Sask Power reps did little to enlighten and much to confuse. It might be a couple of days before the final route is decided upon in light of the issues (as above) and the fact that the grid east of us has a 10 tonne restriction. Back to the drawing board for Sask Power but they had better get the communication lines open as Prive Building Movers are due to pull in on July 5th and take 2 days to load up the house. On Monday July 9th he anticipates it will be rolling down the road (cross all your fingers for us).
So in a long nutshell that’s what we have been up to for the last couple of weeks. No major leaps and bounds but some progress for sure. Please continue to check the site regularly and remember to add comments > hate to think “we” were talking to ourselves.
Bernie and Ron
PS We are rather behind with photos > promise too work on that really soon.

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