Another Week Goes Flying By

Progress is being measured in much smaller increments again but not for lack of trying on our part.
The road is basically complete and awaiting gravel some day this week. We can only hope that it doesn’t rain as it is quite soft. Between the gravel trucks and the house mover it could have a few ruts in it for the next while. We also have a set of prints in the ditch that won’t be going away any time soon. Our road builder’s uke got stuck while turning around near the entrance to our property. It took an amazingly big green (Nothing Runs Like a Deere) to get it unstuck. Quite the sight > I will post a picture so you can also be amazed.
A little bit of progress on the utility side this week with the power line trenched in and the transformer hooked up. So power will be available after the electrician makes it to the site to set us up. Dealing with SEnergy over the gas line > well after about 3 months of the run around I think I have finally reached a technician who does the site visit so we shall see how long that takes.
We worked on the walk out basement wall again this weekend and are basically finished. We have a few “loose” screws so to speak but nothing major. So next weekend is the “beam” raising party. Some logistics of this to work out still (such as pick up of the beams, equipment and warm bodies) but that should be the last major piece of the puzzle before the house rolls in. The contractor only has to backfill and he is waiting until closer to the move.
Ah – on to the slow stage again. We talked with the mover this past week and it would appear that the wet weather has put him behind. He was a bit evasive about a date so it doesn’t look like it will go next week as planned. Hopefully he won’t be too delayed as there isn’t a ton more that we can do before the house arrives.
So that’s the story for this week. Hope you’ve enjoyed the update and the pictures (sorry > pictures aren’t uploaded yet so I will put them in later in the week). It is too late tonight to work through that process.
Many of you have heard about the toilet and shower in the dining room and seems I don’t have any new pictures to show I will attach that one. I guess if you are an old bachelor you can do what you like! We have, of course, removed those items and will probably put a dining room table in the dining room instead.

May 06 122.jpg

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