Last Sunday’s entry was going to be entitled RAIN = NO PROGRESS but we ran out of time and it seemed like a depressing update as very little had happened. It would have read that the concrete pour was postponed 2 times because of rain and that the road man wasn’t spending much time moving dirt.
BUT finally the sun shone later this week and the temporary road was dry enough that Scott from Excel Foundations was able to get the concrete work done. What a relief that was. Unfortunately Curtis wasn’t really able to do much work as it remained too wet in the low spot (so low that his son got stuck in it a second time > that means it can be named Jordan’s hollow rather than the name of the other person who got stuck there) although he did get the culvert in place. He also tore up the approach and removed the top soil from the driveway area so access to the site is only for those with trucks at this moment in time.
On Friday we picked up the lumber for the walk out basement wall and got on site. A big thanks to Peter Royer of Precision Paving Stone & Landscape for the use of his flat bed trailer (for the second time) as it was a pretty decent load of wood despite the fact that the beams weren’t ready yet. So Saturday Ron and Spencer hit the site nice and early to get that wall built. My mom is visiting and so when we went out at lunch with fresh buns the boys were ready for my pair of hands to help raise the biggest portion of the wall. Things progressed smoothly for that portion but the next section of the wall proved a little bit tricker as they did a bit of struggling to get the doorway square. Thanks to Helen and Lorne’s arrival (my cousin and her husband) they had fresh water and a beer to help sort and organize the problem. By the end of the day the wall was up with just a few screws to go (yes really). The 31 temperature left them a little frazzled and slightly red in places (hard to put sunscreen on your mohawk) so it’s wonderful that they could accomplish that much. Ron returned today and added those “loose” screws.
Last weekend we hit Davidson with the flat bed trailer and loaded up the bricks and the verandah. These have been stored on site for future use and are not the start of our junk pile. The bricks lost a bit more of the mortar with each move so the cleaning up off them is only a slightly daunting task now! The long term plan, I believe, is too use them for an outside fire “fireplace”.
Also this week the power line was trenched in and the transformer should be installed tomorrow. It will be nice to get power to the site as it will make power tools work a little better.
This week, hopefully, will see that work proceed along with the well being dug. Again access to the site with heavy equipment has been an issue. Curtis hopes, if the weather holds, to finish the road by Tuesday and be ready for gravel. Unfortunately we’ve heard this before but ever optimist we will cross our fingers. Once Scott gets the weeping tile in place and the back fill done the focus can be on moving the dirt around so that the house can be put onto the foundation. Some of the things we need to do this week are touch base with our mover and confirm with him that he is still booked with us for the week of June 17th. He feels the entire job will take a week so we will keep you posted as to when the house will be Moving On! Then it will be time for an AS IS party > a chance to see it before we get the restoration underway. Just don’t wear your good cloths.


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