More Momentum Gained

As the pictures will show things are starting to progress quite nicely. The farmers might want rain but we need a couple more weeks of dry weather so that our road will be in driving order. Our basement contractor accessed the site via the “long hill climb” avoiding the wet spot. He got the basement dug, footings poured and the ICF blocks in place. We did a site visit Friday night and it appears that things will be in order for a Tuesday morning concrete run (let’s hope the concrete truck can make it up the hill). A bit more excavation to do on the walk out basement side plus the weeping tile and some back fill will have the basement ready for our “turn”.
Our road contractor, Strom Earthmoving Ltd, finally got started this week as well. He started earth moving on Thursday afternoon following a site meeting with me in the morning just to confirm a few details. The weather wasn’t really cooperative so he only got a few hours of work in on Friday before the cold shut him down. In the picture it doesn’t look like much but he did move a pile of dirt around. He used the cold spell to drive to the city and pick up the culverts that will be needed for the wet spot and the new road approach. If things go well and there are no surprises like “big” rocks or springs then he should be finished in a week. An interesting fact about our road guy Curtis is that his house is one of the 7 yard sites we can see from our house site. He moved out there a couple of years ago but had worked for the Aberdeen as the grader operator for a number of years so he’s a great source of who’s who in the r.m (rural municipality)
I am in the middle of getting prices and info on windows, doors, lumber and beams for the basement. As stated before we hope to build the exterior walk out wall this coming weekend so need to get the lumber organized for that. The doors and windows won’t go in until after the house goes on though (doesn’t that sound odd > the house goes on!)
Ron and I spent Saturday down in windy Davidson taking down the rest of the chimney. This time the camera went with us so there are pictures to show the demoliton work and the pile of salvaged bricks. Nice to have that dirty demolitiion job complete. Checked out spaces for the washer and dryer options while we were there. No firm decisions reached in that department as of yet.
I am hoping soon to have the blue prints attached here somehow as a pdf file (always something new to learn) so if you want to get a better sense of the house it would be possible. Also should attach the photo of the toilet and shower in the dining room as many people have heard the story but not seen the picture!! I have also been discussing the detail painting to a few people so should put up a picture that shows the positives as well.
Well I guess that should be enough new info for now. Bet anyone who knows Ron and Bernie well can guess who did this blog entry. Next weeks update should include things like “we have power” and look mom > we have concrete!.


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