The Big Dig

The basement contractor, Excel Construction, has finally been able to make it to site to start the excavation (see picture 1). While he has been attempting to get to site, we have been working on the last major demolition item prior to moving the house – removal of the chimney. Picture 2 shows our son, Spencer, on the roof part way through removal. It proved to be a tough chimney and I had to go back this weekend with a jackhammer. It is now removed down to the kitchen ceiling but I forgot the camera so I don’t have any pictures. The last picture is Bernie in front of the excavation as it was yesterday. I had a call from Scott (Excel) and the first set of footings should be poured tomorrow with the basement walls up next Tuesday.


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2 Responses to The Big Dig

  1. Megan says:

    Wow, now that the hole is dug things will progress fast. Good luck and will keep checking on the updates. Can’t wait to see the the finished product.


  2. Heather Dunn-Kinsman says:

    Will the basement be a walk out?
    Nice view of the “lake”.
    Better get the rock picker working.


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