Our New Blog, Land and Old House

Well here goes at our new blog site to keep everyone up to date of activities in regards to our NEW (or is that OLD) 1918 Eaton’s Eager house. The house is currently located outside of Davidson and the land is located NE of Saskatoon. Now our challenge is to “meld” the two of them together but alas that will have too wait until winter lets go of its hold on the prairires. We are using the “downtime” to do research on everything from AGA stoves to tankless water heaters, kitchen design and toilets (inside dining room joke). There are tons of decisions to be made in the next while. In the meanwhile we will include a picture of the land and house. Now when you stop gasping or laughing use your imagination and see the finished project.
Ron and Bernie

land 068.jpg
davidson 015.jpg

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