Rural Life

There are two factors to living rural that one rarely ever thinks about as an urban dweller. I know I certainly didn’t appreciate how easy running water and flush toilets were. But when you have to take care of those matters yourself you develop a new respect for it. I mean I grew up rural but I never even thought about what had to be done at that point in my life.

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Double Boom!

In the “old days” of the restoration of the house and blogging I tried for a Sunday night post so that I had a record of what we had accomplished that week.

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The Last One

We’ve taken the first steps towards the final rock wall that is required. I’m excited to start because it means in a short while we will be finished. Plus masonry beats shingling and I needed a break from that activity.

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Stage 1 Act 2

Well as a warm up act it was a lot of work. I’m happy to report that it’s done and by our standards it was a fairly quick project; 3 weeks. The beginning phase of it was covered in Pitched In and now here we are at completion.

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Pitched In

There is quite the vista from our current work project but the pitch is a titch higher than my comfort zone. But it’s like this – the project needs to be done and so I am pushing outside my comfort zone. It was all fun and games the first four rows were I was standing on the one level scaffolding. Easy peasy to pull out the phone and take a photo of the beautiful sunset. I had hoped it would also catch the patina of those wonderful shingles but alas it doesn’t really.

Then we added the second level of scaffolding and the first couple rows were ok. Then I had to reach out and put one foot on the roof for the next few. So not fun. By now the tall guy has joined me after finishing the steps and he makes it look easy. His height and reach and heavier hammer blow out 2/3 of a row to my 1/3. But as he reminds me it’s  not a race. Now we’re up so high that we long since have both feet on the roof and are scampering up and down like monkeys.

Well ok maybe that’s an exaggeration but the truth is the longer you do it the easier it gets being up there. I’m still not in love with being near the edge but am trying to do my share. It’s  harder on your ankle joints and feet more than anything else so 2 rows alone or 3 together is our max before stepping down for a few mins.

The last row of paper is up now and Grampa got four rows done himself today. I did go up to snap lines but leaving a toddler and a preschooler on the ground for longer than that wouldn’t have been responsible. Momma wasn’t sure how responsible we were being when I sent her this picture. But seriously this is no higher than the average play structure landing.

Tomorrow is slated for rain so hopefully Tuesday we can finish off this side. Then to demo the other side and take what I’ve learnt on this side for a quicker job on side two. I’d love to wrap this up before our annual summer R & R.

There are so many great artsy photos to close with that chosing is hard. This one wins because every year I have taken an alfalfa field view towards the house, often with a dog or two in it. In fact I’d love to pull them all together into one post this winter. In this one the house looks all dreamy up there on the hill. Oh and if you are interested in seeing more creative photos from me check out my new blog called ThreeSixFiveSnap where I post a unedited daily photo.


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Oh Happy Day

A Sunday finish deserves a blog post. Something so outstanding as outside stairs deserves more than a blog post really! After 13 years of scrambling up the walk out wall area we have STAIRS!

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Rising Up!

Step by step, that’s how he’s going but it’s not taking quite as long as I had expected. Number 9 is a cut away from being completed and as you can see, in the picture below, how wonderful they look. The Tyndall stone risers contrasts nicely with the granite treads.

There has been zero digging to put them in place which, again, surprised me. They are set a bit higher than I had anticipated and highlights why we need the railing ASAP after they are complete. He’s actually been using fill to build up the “interior” and use less base gravel and sand.

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Slow Start Steps

It’s a good thing we are kind of like the turtle and know that we are in this for the “long haul”. This next project is off to a bit of a slow start.

The heavy duty stone cutting saw is back and now set up again. It took a lot longer than anticipated to get full steam ahead but it ran for a couple of hours today.

It also took a lot longer to get this base built. There was a significant amount of time spent taking levels to ensure he was starting at the right spot. Apparently the next step which kind of swings around the corner will be even harder. Let’s hope that after that it’s smoother building.

I had thought it would be a joint project and maybe it will be when the hill needs to be dug into. But for the last two days he has laboured away and I have done other things. I’d love to help if it moves things along. I am pretty pumped to have stairs to go down to the walk out area.

Plus once this is done it means the railing guy can come on out and build the small deck rail and the handrail for the stairs mentioned above. This is a huge safety issue with two young children who like to climb things. We’ve had this on the list and in the budget for a few years and, fingers crossed, it will be complete this year.

Once we’ve squared those items away we have the last small section of rock wall to build to tie it all together. I am actually looking forward to it but don’t tell the stone mason I said that!

As per usual, with the house blog, I always try to close with an artsy picture to prove that we do stop and smell the roses. Literally today. Both rose plants are growing like crazy and heavy with blooms.


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So Close

We’ve got the curbing finished and the grade level changed on the driveway. It looks like we didn’t change anything but it is certainly obvious when it rains.

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Side view mirror

I had hoped, unrealistically, that this whole landscape “thing” would be in the rear view mirror by the end of the weekend. Alas, as per usual, it always takes us longer than we anticipate so it’s just in the side view mirror at this point.

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