Post “post”

A long awaited post about the newel post and balustrade that really isn’t a reveal. Alas we did not manage our goal before spring work kicked in but I still feel the progress  worthy of a post. Especially since we are in the process of watering trees and I’m bored waiting for the semi in front of me to finish filling up. 
The one lone outstanding project in the basement is the stair railing. It’s slow going and we’d had a minor hitch that, theoretically, has held us up a bit. The 3 wall mount holders (find real word from ron) we ordered arrived but 1 of them was missing parts. 

But truthfully, even if it had all arrived, we might not be done. The balustrade and newel post had to be custom sized and then restored. The final cut seems to be waiting to mature to just the right time.  

Now in the carpenters defence he has done an outstanding job of 90% of the spring work alone. He continues to spend a portion of each day on the consulting gig under way so does have limited time. 

We also discovered that the spindles  are all different sizes and there was no filet boards for placemat. So he will have to custom create those as well which is more complex because they aren’t attaching to the stair but rather to the spandrel. In the meantime he picked out 6 spindles  that are quite similar and I will set about redoing them. Now I’m tying to creatively think what one could do with a ton of leftover spindles. 

Now it’s 3 days later and this update  hasn’t even been posted yet so small amounts of progress have been made. He measured again and made the final cut last night. Now there is some “jiggling” that needs to occur before I can do final stain and varnish. 

We will continue to work away on it as evening time permits and perhaps soon we can tick that item off our list. 


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Last Day of April

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Still winter? Still working away! 

The plus side to the snow was how pretty it was when the sun came out.

Prior to the weekend, when it snowed, we had one plus 10 day so I did manage to get Continue reading

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Spring Push

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Dream Big 

One of the up side to confined space vehicle travel is surf time. This pastime keeps me from being too antsy about sitting still and allows me to dream.

Today, on our way home from Continue reading

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One Step At A Time 

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Getting Close! 

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