The bigger picture?

This weekend tested our nettles so to speak. Neither task that we were working on got accomplished and they are starting to feel endless. I honestly thought after the rock wall that it was all easy sailing and that this summer we would blaze through the balcony and veranda. The balcony we pulled together before we left and all it needs is final coat of paint someday when the weather is perfect.

The veranda isn’t going so fast. The first weekend was all about the garden and the yard. The last two weekends have not seen as much progress as either one of us would have liked. The beams are now covered, this took longer than planned. Mostly it seemed that the corners were a pain.

Then we started on the tongue & groove for the ceiling. They’ve been cleaned, primed and have the first coat of colour. Using salvage has several advantages but it has one huge disadvantage. It turns out that, despite appearances, the boards are not all the same width. Which we discovered after about the 3rd row of fighting with them. Every frigging board is a fight; over our heads and both of us nursing sore shoulders. The picture represents 2 1/2 days of time.

Then I look around and realize that the header board is going to be exposed. Not a big deal one would think as its been painted. But now it’s been exposed to the sun, wind and howling weather for a number of years and looks like shit. No other word for it. We aren’t even finished the first round of painting the whole bloody thing and I need to scrap, sand, prime and paint this section of boards AGAIN.

Shortly after that discovery we realized that the fight between the barn swallows and the F______ robins has taken a turn for the worse. The barn swallows have vacated annoying the hell out of me with trying to nest where we are working. Great except the robins won the territory and they have repeatedly flown into the basement doors and managed to shred the new furniture backs as well as covering it all in shit. There’s that word again but it’s true. Mad doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Add to that the weather; cold wind, no sunshine and no rain to speak of. Endless weeding in the flower bed between helping the carpenter and somehow I can’t seem to find the bright side between the back pain and the shoulder ache.

The bigger picture elluded me this weekend. Even the master planner seemed more than a bit frustrated. He’d thought by now this portion of the project would be passed off to the painter to finish up.

We’ve turned 60, we’ve been working on making the vision a reality for 12 years. I think we both honestly hoped that this would be the last big push year but we just aren’t getting up much steam, so to speak.

This isn’t a pity party; it’s just the reality of a couple of frustrating weekends. The bigger picture is that in 5 years the projects will be fun ones and not must do’s. The sun will shine tomorrow or maybe, better yet, it will rain. The days will march on like they do and we will continue to plod onward because after all Rome wasn’t built in a day. Meanwhile a late evening walk on the prairie, the gorgeous sunset and the garden check revealing plants has helped turned the frowns around.


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Coming Together

It was apparent when we did some research that we’ve been sadly lacking in project documentation. Like there are no

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Hand Crafted in Small Batches

The title makes it sound like we’re brewing beer but the reality is quite different than what you would expect.

We’ve both been diligently working on completing the balcony railing as quickly as possible. Now we aren’t noted for quick easy projects but this one was. It was fairly intense for a few days but we can manage that for a trade off of not working in the same item for 2 or 3 seasons.One load of cedar became top and bottom railings and spindles. He cut and cut and cut. I sanded and sanded.Then he put together a prototype & sorted out a few issues.We then developed the quickest most efficient system for assembling the rail sections. 9 sections equals a lot of screws and nails.I prepainted one section and quickly decided painting them insitu was actually going to be way less work.Now, spring being spring, didn’t always mean that it was warm enough to paint. Not daunted by this we hauled the 9 sections inside to the storage room and I got to work on them.The weather broke and we managed to get them all installed in one afternoon. Although truthfully I buggered off upstairs to finish an outfit for Little A and Baby C so the momma helped her dad when he needed them braced.I always try to close this blog post with an artistic photo and I wanted one that did the house justice and hid the construction zone.

One down — a few more projects to go!


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Just like that

Just like that construction season started again. Just like that I regret not

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This Old Thing

I did a blog post over at called “This Old Thing” were I gave accolades to a 25 year old item. This post has the same name but there are no accolades. I’ve had enough and I’m not talking about the Continue reading

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Window Wall

We have commenced a project many years in the making; a family photo wall. I, of course, start with the concept. Then he draws it to scale and we discuss.

And then typical of our personalities we start. I start easy. Success breeds optimism and energy. Below is a window that needed just a little TLC and a big photo for behind the whole thing. It’s now gracing where it will live.

He starts hard because you might as well do the hard stuff first while the energy for the project is high. Or some such thing! This window was a freebie from who knows where and is in terrible shape. Hardware is all rusted, window pane is falling apart and the layers of dirt are thick. I’m thinking I know where it will live and even know what photos will be printed to go in it. ❤️ Meanwhile I have pulled out all the family photos, framed and I framed, and laid them on a bed. The project will not be done before that bed is required but at least this gives us a starting point.

That meant I also pulled out baby books, a drawer full of photos and have my obvious first big post retirement project looking at me. It’s been on the back burner since before we moved out here so I think it’s time.

We will put considerable time, energy and some spare change into creating several window walls of pictures. It will use our creative side and our wood working skills. It will keep us out of trouble for the winter!


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One Man’s Junk

Like usual with house blogs I have so many options for titles.

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